Today, NewGen announced the release date for its upcoming third-person MOBA Clash: Mutants vs Pirates. The game — which features 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 matches is scheduled to release on Steam June 12. At that point, players can fight as a mutant or a pirate for free.

Of course, those who would like a bit more in their pirate/mutant game — or those that just want to help support the game up front — have the option of purchasing packs before the game’s launch. Depending on the type of pack you go for, you’ll end up with some cool in-game swag like loading screens, avatars, and skins, or you can get a pack of in-game currency — all of them worth more than what you’ll pay up front.

There are three founder’s packs. The “Mutant” pack runs $14.99 and offers the least in the way of goodies. The “Pirate” pack is a step up and includes more goodies and gems. The final pack — “Kinvader” runs $39.99 and includes not only more items and gems but also premium battle pass access. It looks like the skins available in the cheaper packs carry over to the other two, but those of you wanting everything may have to pony up for all three packs to get it.

As for just those wanting the orbs. Players can pre-order three different orb packs ranging from $9.99 to $49.99. Each pack purchase will more-or-less net you double the value in orbs.

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