It’s been a while, but you may remember the announcement back in June from Neowiz stating that the Bless Online Steam servers would be coming to a close in September. Well, that day has come. The servers will be winding down today.

The Bless team dropped a short post on Friday reminding players of this fact and thanking them for hanging out, and of course threw in a little hype at Bless Unleashed.

“While things may not have worked out as we had hoped, we have learned a lot from the experience of creating Bless Online and are excited for the future of not only Bless Unleashed but future titles. From everyone here on the Bless Online team, thank you again for your support over the past year and a half.”

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  1. Its unfortunate, this is the result of bad raps and pins, the power of the internet, once marked, your doomed there are only a few who can reverse such a sentence and this one never became blessed at all no matter how hard they tried. Loads suggested change the name but they never listened.

    • No..
      The product was flawed.. It’s that simple..
      My PC is not super high end, but it’s pretty OK, and I could not play Bless in a decent manner (and I play everything that’s out there with good FPS @1080 res).
      The combat, despite the combo was boring..
      The constant stutter, the quests were boring as hell (but tbh, that happens in alot of mmos)..
      There was nothing new in that game, and what was there was poorly executed..
      And again, performance (which is the MAIN issue with many people) was complete garbage..


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