TERA‘s fifth anniversary celebration is well under way, and if you’ve been taking part in the festivities, you might have a nice collection of Anniversary Tokens by now. If you’ve been wondering what to do with these tokens, En Masse has put together a bit of a guide.

One important thing to note is that the items in the Anniversary Token Shop change weekly. Currently we are on week 2, and the items available consist of:

  • Valliant Potion—3 tokens
  • Strong Canephora Potion—5 tokens
  • Strong Bravery Potion—5 tokens
  • Enchanting Bonanza Box—14 tokens
  • HYDRATH-Black Beret (hair slot)—90 tokens
  • Fisherman’s Cap (hair slot)—115 tokens
  • Celestial Gold Weapon Skin (smart box)—200 tokens
  • Black Catocaster (back slot)—275 tokens
  • Riding Skill: Ni Hao (permanent character mount)—280 tokens
  • Riding Skill: Grizzle (permanent character mount)—280 tokens
  • Riding Skill: Ice (permanent character mount)—280 tokens
  • Blizzat’s Remembrance (smart box)—350 tokens
  • Conjurers Costume Kit (smart box)—350 tokens
  • Flying Skill: Orville (permanent character Mount)—350 tokens
  • Headliner’s Costume Kit (smart box)—375 tokens
  • Formal Wear Costume Box (smart box)—450 tokens
  • Illusionist’s Costume Kit (smart box, dyeable)—450 tokens
  • Ingenue’s Costume Kit (smart box, dyeable)—475 tokens

These items are only available until tomorrow (May 23), when a new set of items will replace them. There are also what En Masse calls “don’t miss” items coming tomorrow — particularly an elin-themed car and a permanent Disco Ball.

If you haven’t really gotten into collecting the Tokens yet. That’s okay, En Mass has also offered some options for the best ways to get your hands on them — running dungeons. A list of which dungeons will drop the Anniversary tokens, and how many, is available on the TERA site.

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  1. I loved the combat in this game more than pretty much any action combat MMO I’ve tried… it breaks my heart that I had to leave based on other factors.


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