Kaia’s Anvil is the next big free content update coming to TERA on PC later this month, bringing with it new dungeons and new gear, as well as making it easier for players to hoard currency. Also, the press release for the update said that En Masse Entertainment is planning to “drop Kaia’s Anvil” on TERA, and that’s a better lead-in than anything I could come up with.

The update adds a pair of five-player dungeons for players level 69 and up: Forbidden Arena and Corrupted Skynest. The enchanting material you’ll get for completing Corrupted Skynest — which is the “last remnant of the dead god Sikander’s life force” — will help you craft some nice mythic-rarity gear. Once that’s proven too easy, you can take on the hard mode of the dungeon, if your item level is 480 or higher.

In the Forbidden Arena, you’ll “discover a horrifying war machine” that was “originally designed to battle the gods.” To help you better accumulate treasure, En Masse is bumping the cap on Adventure Coins, from 1,000 coins to 1,200 for Standard players and 1,680 to 2,000 for players with Elite status.

Learn more about Kaia’s Anvil on the TERA website.


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