Kakao Games (Black Desert Online) and Bluehole Studio (TERA, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) are teaming up to publish a new MMORPG in the West. Formerly known as Project W, Ascent: Infinite Realm wraps up steampunk and high fantasy in a pretty package that features airships, jetpacks, magic, dragons, and more.

Fittingly abbreviated “A:IR,” the trailer for the new game shows off a bunch of the sky-reaching action that will be at the heart of the game’s PvP gameplay. Ground support in the way of mechs and anti-air weapons will also play a part in such battles.

For when you’re not in the air or inside a mech, A:IR offers five classes: warlord, sorceress, gunslinger, assassin, and mystic, promising that the classes are “fully customizable,” while appearing to be gender-locked. You’ll also be able to construct and grow your own estate and “work with your neighboring estates to build a community.”

Kakao and Bluehole plan the first closed beta test for A:IR for early 2018. We don’t technically know if it’s a free-to-play game, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground for an official announcement. Learn more about Ascent: Infinite Realm on the game’s teaser website.


  1. so they decided to create a new version of blackgold online with new graphics and a few new mechanics here and there meeh for me is not all that awesome for me it will be like revelation online all hypes everywhere and when the game comes it will be p2win as f* or will not last for long because of specific things inside the game that will make people want to quit was like that with revelation and riders of icarus and all those triple AAA mmorpgs that in the end got empty and dead im not hyped for this and is smart to not be.

    why they never get rid of this gender lock? pfff so annoying this kind of stuff break immersion.

  2. This game looks too good to be true, it contains everything I want from steampunk and fantasy, if the developers combine their previous games into this it must be true, but Im afraid they gonna change it to paid or p2w

  3. From that trailer it looks to be everything ive ever aksed of an MMORPG, Im excited but trying to contain myself just incase I am dissapointed… still high hopes!

  4. It seems like they don’t know what kind of game they want to create. The steampunk machinery is cool, and possibly great fun, but it looks like they just copied in the generic fantasy RPG enemies and locations too, along with the generic RPG classes.

    It seems to have great features, but also has the potential to becam such wreck like Black Gold Online was.


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