KartRider: Drift Season 3 Launches Soon With New Maps And The Return Of Some KR Favorite Characters

World Tour introduces four new tracks as well as other content.

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KartRider: Drift S3

In just two days, Nexon will drop KartRider: Drift’s third season – titled World Tour. On July 12, players will be able to check out four new tracks in the racing game. Three are based in the U.S. – San Francisco, Miami, and Hawaii. The third is Venice, Italy. The update also adds a Glacier-themed 360 Tower track.

The update will also introduce 4 new – to Drift – characters. Players of the original KartRider may recognize them. These are Mobi, Toto, Rena, and Martin. Mobi and Toto are both Ludamani Pirates. Mobi is the second in command. Toto is his friend, and a bit jealous, but always there when needed. Rena and Martin are childhood friends. She’s a dancer and he’s a surfer. Martin followed Rena into kart racing to get Rena’s attention.

Another thing to look forward to in this update is the mode lab. That’s a system that allows players to experience new types of modes throughout the season. More details about the upcoming season can be found in the latest KartRider: Drift Pit Stop stream. You can watch it below.

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