gamigo’s clan war MMORPG King of Kings 3 is launching a new update called “Moon Goddess”. Gamers are drawn into a conflict between good and evil angels. Almost 200 new skills have been unveiled to help prepare you for this new threat, and the top level cap has been raised from 140 to 180.

A whopping 24 new maps and over 200 missions offer plenty of opportunities to familiarize yourself with the new class skills. There are also four new dungeons awaiting daring adventurers. In the “Angel Arena” for example players battle against six of Gabriel’s henchmen before getting their chance to take down the master villain himself. Special daily dungeons offer big-time action without all the build-up skirmishes. You’ll get one boss fight after another, without having to grind out fights against lesser opponents.

Overview of new features
– Over 180 new skills
– Level cap raised from 140 to 180
– 24 new maps
– 2 new regular dungeons
– 2 new daily dungeons
– Enhancement stones for upgrading to Deadalus equipment


  1. – Over 180 new skills
    wtf ? 180 skills , how are skills in that in game ? 1 slash is called a skill ? FO
    – 24 new maps
    a plane earth and 1 tree there and another one there ?

    I haven’t played this game but this update looks like ” let’s make smth so they can’t say that we are payed for nothing “


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