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About the game:
Title: King of Kings 3
Status: Closed Graphics: 3D
Developer: Giant Interactive
Publisher: Gamigo

King of Kings 3 is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG (online role-playing game) with an emphasis on PvP and RvR.

Epic battles, sprawling cities, and warring kingdoms locked in a never-ending struggle for power. King of Kings 3, the newest instalment of the popular Taiwanese MMORPG series, is considered one of the best releases of 2009 and captivates millions of players in Asia.

A complete re-balancing reduces grinding and now allows players to reach the highlights of the game, PvP and guild gameplay, more quickly. Thanks to the game’s complex and multilayered guild system, guilds band together first to form legions, next kingdoms, and finally alliances to wage war against enemy kingdoms and territories. Up to 10,000 players compete simultaneously in truly epic RvR battles to determine the fate of the guild towns and realms.

Only the bravest warrior will come out on top and become the ruler of the entire realm, the fabled King of Kings. Join one of these realms and create your own destiny. Found a guild with your friends and wage bitter war against other guilds. With your legions by your side, you can create a kingdom of your own.

Explosive Features:

  • PvP with conquerable towns
  • Housing and town building
  • Dynamic guild system

Featured Video

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System Requirements

King of Kings 3 Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: 1.0 GHz Intel P3 or equivalent
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of free Space
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 5500 or better

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  1. Have played this game from beginning started in NW in Ace Guild have never had anything disappear have had no problems with crashing. Have seen the complaining of people who wants just to bother people for free stuff and not wanting to find it a problem in all MMOs. Im not OP I play with my kids have ran a Kingdom and gave away people just use a KD for themselves use the forge but does not want to donate to KD. Its a good game if you want to play and lvl. When I say lvl. I mean do qsts. and find gear and learn to play. You can pay or do for free no matter what you can get the same stuff as cashers you play and sell stufff then buy off cashers.Without cash players where would the game be. Try running a game server for free you cant without cashers all games would die.Most of the complainers just want to get on a game and get lvld. fast and not learn to play right or find the stuff they need to get good they just want it given to them.Its a fact of all MMOs .Life is not free so grow up ,play,get better and quit complaining.

  2. This game is dead. The cap is 215, extremely easy and no fun anymore. There are no more events to keep players active, nothing new and/or attractive and I’ve been playing for 3 years. I should have quit long ago. If anyone happens to come by and read this, please take heed, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Let it die and rot in the hands of the shitty developers who RUINED it. Jacques, the original game maker had a wonderful product full of potential. GamigoAG then bought the copyright and decided to make it “theirs” instead of following the original game’s concept. THIS GAME IS GARBAGE NOW and is NOT worth playing. It’s not the king’s fault, it’s not ANYONE in the game’s fault. It’s the developers and the GM’s fault.
    This game is not suitable for anyone anymore. The game has so many OP players that it’s impossible for you to have fun anymore.

    • I agreed 100000%
      At the beginning with 90 lvl cap this game was the PERFECT mmorpg, after when turned to 120lvl I enjoyed the new class system, but that was the beginning of the end.
      I have to play kok3 from the time of 120lvl cap and last month I have tried to start again, and …I had the worst surprise in my life as mmo gamer… WHAT B…LSH…T IS THAT”?
      No more fun, no more island, no more players no more nothing… only new stupid things like football… 🙁
      Ok gamingo, you got a perfect game and u make it the worst

      Just pity

  3. the game really great
    i played it before
    but i leaved it.
    i used to play it
    the problem , it’s a really fact
    big company with great employee’s & system
    can’t handle the game ? i will explain it a little more.
    in my play game , last level was 140, i got to level 140. reason why i leave the game ?
    first , every two week, there is a maintenance for the server. during Maintenance we always getting a backroll , and we lose our staff. (( stupid GM : Jacyceo , i think this is the name , she always login and ask us what do we need ? stupid question, we need our equipments back for high levels , newbie players don’t know what they need but they want MONEY ! ))
    serious the purple is the most powerful equipment in the game, i lose it many times , may be 20 times if i count them,
    last time , during Maintenance , somehow i don’t know , i got hacked, i don’t know actually how, but i lose all my staff including weapons & money.
    i ask the company , but they refuse this why i quit it, even some of my friends are on facebook 😉

  4. I was playing the game since the 1st level cap till the level 215 level cap. The game play and questing is one of the best you can ask for through out all MMORPG. Easy user friendly navigating system for questing. You just need to click on the name of npc or mob from the quest and you will automatically go there in no time. Crafting system is decent. To be honest the game might be a free to play but when it comes to crafting and PvP, It’s all about who can spend more money.

  5. game is plagued with crashes after the new class update other then that it is a fun game to play till level 90 after that you better have a good guild your in and be a cash shopper

  6. This Game Is awesome. User-Friendly. Good Game if your the kind fo person that likes to chill and lvl up and smoke up a blunt or two. chillin. i havent really seen big taxes in the game but so what if its someone else raising them up. Thats why I am going to lvl up and become king myself!!

  7. Im in the new world realm, and im a noob, and I don’t see anything overpriced! Im only Lv.15 and could just bought a mount that only halved my $, and compaired to other MMOs im lucky to even have a mount.

    I think new world realm is pretty balanced, and we are rated top realm too.

  8. the problem is not if the king is abusive or not. the problem is that the game itself sucks. you need to level a lot to be able to pvp, and some other lame shit. don’t play it.

  9. DONT PLAY!!

    Let me expand on that…

    The game has a system were the most powerful legions leader is the king of his server
    and he controls everything including tax rates and what not.. when his pockets run low he makes the tax rate 200% and its called server killing simply because 50% of the people quit the game and noob’s cant buy armor or mounts. this can go on for months even years because the king has a indefinit control and can stay king as long as there legion is on top.. the game owners do nothing to stop this and the game will eventually die because of it..


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