Kritika Online‘s days are numbered in the West. In fact, servers in North America and Europe are already in maintenance mode as of yesterday.

En Masse Entertainment announced the shift in a post on the Kritika site yesterday, going on to explain that they will fully stop servicing the game on April 30.

While they prepare for server sunset, EME has already disabled new character creation and removed EMP items from the shop in order to stop players from using the currency with the game. All shop items can now be purchased for 0 Kred.

Speaking of Kred, the company is recording all Kritika player’s Kred totals and converting them back to EMP to be used on other En Masse games.

For those who still want to play Kritika, EME is encouraging players to move over to the Korean servers. They’re working with the game’s developer to make this process as easy as possible, even providing players who logged into the western version of the game a special code that will provide them with useful items on the Korean servers. The code includes:

  • School Uniform costume full set
  • Newbie Chibi Accent
  • Stage Clear EXP Bonus 90% Potion ×5
  • HP Potion ×100
  • Resurrection stone ×10
  • Pet

Players wishing to use the code will need to sign up to play on the Korean servers before May 31.

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    • I remember playing until around level 30. Initially, I was excited about the fantasy setting, but soon after, the game became really repetitive. At around level 30, in order to do 5 different quest IN THE SAME DUNGEON, you have to run the dungeon 5 DIFFERENT TIMES!!! Even if the quest objectives are completely different and you could easily accomplish them by running the dungeon once.

      That’s where my patience was completely depleted and I uninstalled. I’m not surprised at all it’s shutting down.

      • I tell you more…later on when your story/sub quests will give you 1/3 of the level and less..and less and less…you’ll start grinding ‘raids’ over and over and over…every day…to hit next level…then do some story/sub quests again…and back to same raids….
        Just the way I predicted…well,in fact it lasted half a year longer than I predicted, but still close to be truth.
        No balance for classes = unreasonable PvP [90% arena players are frosts and wolves]
        Boring story and leveling.
        Fishing in city fountain. Dahell?
        MMO that becomes Massively multiplayer only in raids and while you’re in town.
        No gear changes/just weapons…want different look from others => buy cosmetics…and’ll definitely find your clone cuz there’re not so many items there to be unique.


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