En Masse Entertainment’s action RPG Kritika Online entered Open Beta today following a brief Head Start period for Founders. As of now, anyone with an En Masse Account can play Kritika Online for free here.

To kick off the open beta, En Masse is hosting a special live stream on their Twitch channel beginning at 1PM Pacific. This will offer players a behind-the-scenes look at the game’s development along with dev interviews and more. Players can also look forward to a variety of limited-time events, including leveling awards, attendance bonuses, and more. A full list of events are available on the Kritika site.

And, for the PvPers, there is also a special competitive event taking place. Full details for this can also be found on the Kritika site.

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  1. When you get some knowledge about the game you will notice that endgame has a paywall, the recalculate and reappraise scrolls, whetstones and badges (costume salvaging) are some things you can buy at the shop and will boost you so much.

  2. The Room-To-Room nature of the level design really killed this game for me, tt doesn’t let me get into a nice grinding flow. The combat’s kinda fun but overall the game really feels like “been here done that but not quite as good” as games that have already come out.

  3. At first I thought I liked it, but the time between level 20 and 30 was a huge pain in the neck. I had to do the same dungeon about 5 times for different quests, and if I recall correctly, even if you take two quests for the same dungeon, you can only complete one of them, you have to finish and then redo the dungeon all over.

    I was interested in the story and how I stop the bad guy, but the game was so repetitive that I quit at around level 30.
    The combat is fun, but it also becomes annoying and tedious.

    The game reminded me of playing Diablo 2 when I was 15 and I was grinding the same locations and bosses just to get a certain rune or another drop – Counterss, Travincal, Mepthisto, Baal… it was somehow more fun than Kritika, because in Diablo 2, if you were a Sorceress, you can teleport straight to the place/boss you want to run and save a lot of time, in Kritika you can’t advance to the next area unless you kill every enemy in the current one.

    The game REALLY REALLY REALLY enforces grinding and I’m very against that if it’s presented in such a retarded way. Grinding enchanting materials in Vanilla WoW to sell on the AH so you can earn 100g and buy your first mount, or grinding Turbine Points in LOTRO to unlock new quest packs or grinding in order to get some Aurum in The Secret World Legends is a lot more fun experience.

    That’s my opinion of Kirtika – I initially liked it, but later on I started to hate it, now I’m pretty sure I won’t be playing it and playing The Secret World Legends and Vanilla WoW instead.

    I’m not telling you not to, just sharing my experience so you know what you will be dealing with.

    • I don`t get that part of 1 quest at the time at same dungeon part… you can do multiple quests at same time in one dungeon and complete them at same time! And its nothing new, rusty hearts, dungeon fighter, vindictus there are ton of games where you have to grind same lvl, just make it challenging and don`t do it on easy difficulties. I`m currently lvl 46, playing on hardest difficulty and i don`t grind like cray. So It will take some time to get sick of it.

      • In the CBT both Hard and Insane (or whatever the hardest difficulty was) granted the same XP, and Hard was very doable so everyone was playing on Hard that’s why they had level 65’s in no time.

        I played on the hardest a few times, but it felt really tedious and one simple dungeon took way too long. I thought that a simple game all about “beat things with sticks till things stop moving” is gonna be fun to me since it wouldn’t require much effort, but the price I had to pay was repetitiveness.

        I can have more fun playing Vanilla WoW, where it takes a lot more time to learn how to play a class properly and there are variety of locations with completely different visual appearance that keep you motivated to explore the game and never get bored.

        I’m gonna stick to that from now on.

        • Two different games, in my opinion you cant compare open world mmorpg to instance based 😀 but thats why there are many different type of games so you can chose the one you like. Comparing WoW to Kritika is same as comparing tenniss with baseball 😀


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