The Windhome update is now live for Kritika Online, bringing with it a level cap increase and new content that “that will lead Kritika Online where it’s never gone before!” So says the web page for the update, but technically, doesn’t every infusion of new content bring a game “where it’s never gone before”? Without that, it’s not new content, right?

The new Windhome storyline comes with an easier mode, to help players with lower CR get through the content. It delves into the past of Kirenos, uncovering the secrets of the land and sending players to four level 65-70 danger zones alongside the Fox clan.

There’s plenty of new gear to acquire and upgrade in this update, as well. The Dusk gear set makes use of the new Prime attribute system that will help characters unlock a “powerful array of special abilities for your character.” Existing gear also gets a boost, with new Evo levels and a +19 enhancement limit. Why not +20? Because 19 is a prime number! And there’s the Prime attribute system! Get it? Fine, I made that last part up, but it makes some degree of sense, doesn’t it?


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