Kritika Online has a new character on the way and, if her announcement trailer is anything to go by, she’s kind of the worst. Named Éclair… Yes, like the creme filled pastry… The character is a Psion-class. She’s using blades made of magic and totes a gun — as well as a “Mean Girls” attitude.

Éclair will be released some time next month, according to the developer’s most recent road map. Also included in their plans for next month are Halloween events and a revamping of the pet system.

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  1. Fate/Stay Night’s Girugamesh in a mini-skirt with Dante’s pistol-fighting style…
    Koreans hate Japan, but keep stealing their ideas here and there.
    Well done! <=Sarcasm.

    Not to mention that distance from her nose to the chin is too short even for anime-design and turns her head into a light-bulb.

    Once again, they attempt to use Japanese art style and fail. As always.

    • Oh come on, you’re just nitpicking now. The distance between her nose and chin is perfectly fine (especially for a stylized character). It’s the same length as her nose, just as it should be. Her forehead though…

      As for Koreans “stealing” ideas from Japan… well, it’s not like (south) Korean game industry is built on anything other than cheap copies of various things that work. Even China has more original stuff when it comes to games (in terms of both style and mechanics).

      Besides, Japan doesn’t have a monopoly on everything アニメ. It’s a popular art style.

      • Can’t agree more one the CN side….
        I love Chinese MMO billion times more than KR ones…since Chinese Devs decided to make games based on same motives as they shoot movies [based on their own mythology and novels].
        They have lower production costs and as a result they look outdated sometimes..
        But hell…look at moonlight blade..They didn’t even buy a game engine for it and made their own and it looks and runs perfectly fine even on 2009 old PC I have.
        The only problem playing in CN servers is 600ms ping for me.
        I don’t remember a single MMO or even Single player game that had a puppet master class [reminds Kankuro from Naruto a little but just a little, not COMPLETELY same as KRs do].

        Honestly that’s not first KR RPG that has a gunner with same animations Dante had in DMC1-4. As well as 99% of those games already dead and shut down.
        C9 has a gunner/musketeer…but he doesn’t fight like all..
        Well…game is still on-line since it’s not a copy of anything [tho population is around 100 players…so,sooner or later].

        So…anyways…this game is dead in KR long ago.
        Releasing it now for the other world is same as sewing a torn limb to the dead 🙂

    • Japan are the worst for copying, especially their own style(s). No uniqueness whatsoever. Everything looks the same. Boring as f*.

    • well that’s because you’re probably new to gaming.about Korean gaming.In which universe they copy Japanese art style and where did the fail in Lineage 2?And japan has not even a single successful popular game.


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