Do you play Dota 2? Then prepare to re-learn Dota 2 as Valve’s newly released Rekindling Soul Update for the competitive MOBA can only be described as one of the game’s most significant gameplay patches since those made during the original iterations of DoTA. Specifically, update 6.82 makes some fairly sweeping changes to the map layout, adds a new bounty rune type and armor, reworks Bloodseeker and Phantom Lancer; all while also implementing balance tweaks for every hero currently in the game.

The main focus of the patch is of course, the changes made to the map. DoTA and subsequently, Dota 2 have enjoyed a fairly static map design, but with these latest changes players will now find Roshan has up and moved, with paths around him being rerouted to accommodate his new digs. Other map changes have also added new pathways through Dota 2’s dense forest areas, creating new opportunities to evade -and hunt- your opponent. These changes can be hard to grasp in mere text form, but luckily the fine folks over at DotaCinema have produced a video comparing the old with the new:

For a full list of the changes check out the official patch notes here and let us know how you’re adjusting to the new Dota 2 below!

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  1. Check out Merlini/Purge/DotaCinema’s patch analysis to see how everything changes.

    Significant changes:
    -New rune (Bounty rune – provides 50 initial gold + 2 extra for each minute passed & 50 initial XP + 5 extra for each minute passed, spawns at the same time as the normal rune (two runes spawn every 2 minutes, kinda like in HoN).
    -Comebacks are FAR easier. If someone is ahead of you by several levels and net worth in gold, if you kill them you get a HUGE amount of gold and XP (in the first pro match for this patch, an Earthshaker who helped to kill an Invoker on a killing spree went from 160 gold to 1600 gold instantly). Consecutive kill streaks are great, but you better not be reckless and lose your streak.
    -Much harder to fountain camp (finally)
    -Ranked All Pick changed to taking turns between picks and solving the issue of people waiting too long so they can counterpick.
    -Heaps of hero and item changes (of course)
    -Damage types simplified into 3 – physical, magical and pure.


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