Latest Fractured Online Dev Talk Series Explains The Concept And Creation Process Behind The Terra Continent

The land is home to the highly-anticipated Wildfolk race.

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Fractured Online Terra Continent

Dynamight Studios CEO and Co-Founder Jacopo Pietro Gallelli is back with another Dev Talk Series for Fractured Online today. This time, they're explaining the concept and creation process behind creating a new continent on the planet of Arboreus.

The continent in question is called "Terra" and is inhabited by the highly-anticipated Wildfolk race. For the video, viewers can watch Gallelli summarize the internal development tools Dynamight uses for in-game creation. These tools have created several modifiers for the team to change the continent's terrain, the network of roads, bodies of water, and more within the Unity software by simply painting over the map.

A key takeaway from the video is that painting over the continent has naturally changed the terrain for the better. Gallelli zoomed in on the map to show grooves of rocky cliffs and hills opening up to roadways and the verticality of lakes from a bird's eye view. Based on the terrain, such as coastal areas, unique items will generate in-game to encourage players to venture out and find materials. And there will be several points of interest, like secluded bandits camps that players will have to navigate around or travel through to reach another area.

Gallelli presented many nitty-gritty features eager players will want to hear, so be sure to watch the video to learn more if interested!

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