Fractured Online Dev Talk Series Spotlights Improvements To Player-Built Cities, Return Of City Conquests, And More

CEO Jacopo Pietro Gallelli updates players on what's been changed between mid-Spring to now.

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Fractured Online Dev Talk

Today, Dynamight Studios released a new entry to their developer talk series on Fractured Online, spotlighting improvements to player-built cities, the return of city conquests, and various other changes after receiving feedback. CEO Jacopo Pietro Gallelli of Dynamight opened the dev talk series and demonstrated the additions in-game.

Fractured Online has seen many updates since the start of its closed beta and, like those previous changes, community feedback has impacted what improvements come to the game. In the dev talk video, Gallelli started by discussing changes to cities. Protected zones, where players will be safe from combat, will be added by harbors. Also, players who run cities will be able to set different rates for citizens, non-citizens, and guild allies.

Gallelli also explained the balance and quality-of-life changes players will see, which includes reworks to looting and other community-requested features. For example, players can loot multiple enemies at once rather than one at a time. As for other changes, they're reworking a previous update to stats like Poison, Bleed, Stealth, and making builds around them balanced overall. With the return of city conquests and the devs ramping up to implement even more community-requested wants, Fractured Online is seemingly progressing at a good pace.

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