The Jungle is coming alive with the introduction of the League of Legends 2017 pre-season update. This massive update (6.22) introduces a variety of changes to the game’s assassins as well as updates to its primary stealth mechanics: camouflage, invisibility, and shimmer.

The patch also makes changes to the Jungle — particularly to the plants living there — making them more dangerous, and occasionally helpful, than ever before. Monsters have evolved in the Summoner’s Rift, with some even growing up and leaving the nest. And, as expected, there have been some changes to Masteries.

Once the update goes into open beta, it will automatically download when you launch League of Legends. You can delay this download if you don’t want to participate, and activate it at any time while the beta is going on. Details on all of these changes — and more — can be found on the League of Legends site.

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  1. All Gaming Community is Negative on online. Why? Because all they do is brag about their skill and talk cold-less on the forum as well in-game too. They have no respect at all for their them self just like League of legend Community for example. If you i were you i wouldn’t play League of Legend at all as you end up getting False Reported by Random player who will call you out on the battle Field line. (Gaming Community is going down a Dark Deep Road Path.)
    Don’t become apart of the Gaming Community also YouTube Gaming Channel are completely Poison with Bad Attitude People All over the World on the (Computer System Network Global).

      • needs to say what? false crap. If I had money for the number of people that said they were “falsely accused”, I will be rich by now.

      • Your one of the people who likely plays league of legends. But I reread Astions comment and don’t know how his comment is false. Because it is poison from what I’ve seen and people do have bad attitudes in the gaming community and on the youtube gaming comment sections. And I’ve been falsely reported by players who had bad attitudes and who accused me cheating in a pvp match even though I won on a fair fight. You need to stop accusing me of saying of false crap because I am not talking false crap but you and others will probably think I am still reguardless but you are saying false crap no question about it. And if you and the other people were accusing me for false crap which I know I didn’t do I’d be a rich person by now.

  2. League is an awesome game, but my personal advice is: Mute chat and enjoy. the worst that can happen is to get matched with trolls/afk, which happens once in a while. But the game is awesome, HoS and Dota are different, deal with it, i played all of them and liked them all.

  3. League of legends is stupid. But who am I to say I never tried it because I really hate top over view games. But heros of the storm looks ok but mobas aren’t really my thing. But from what I’ve seen the community is toxic.

    • I doubt if I want to. I’ve had problems with multiple MMO devs/publishers keep sending me newsletters even though I opted out of them they still refuse to let me opt out of them reguardless of me clicking unsubscribe. The customer support was useless when I contacted them in all the games that I had this problem in. Im likely to quit all MMOs and quit coming to this site since I dont wanna deal with garbage MMOs anymore.


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