League of Legends Hextech

Remember that upcoming law in China that would force games to reveal the odds of getting certain loot in lockboxes? Well, “upcoming” is almost “now”; the law goes into effect on May 1, and a few games have already revealed their odds to the public.

Chinese internet giant Tencent owns League of Legends maker Riot Games and publishes Crossfire in China. It’s gotten the jump on publishing its odds, and according to translations from PCGamesN, they’re … rare but not too crazy? It looks like the most rare loot in Crossfire comes up 3% of the time, while League’s gemstones pop up in 4% of Hextech loot boxes.

Both of these results come from potentially imperfect translations, so they shouldn’t be taken as 100% accurate, but they do seem to correspond with what the community believes was the case. There’s also no guarantee that odds for Chinese lockboxes correspond perfectly with odds for lockboxes available in other regions, but once that information is out, it would be pretty hard for developers to convince players that they’re different.

As next week progresses, we could see other major free-to-play games that operate in China, such as Hearthstone and Guild Wars 2, reveal the odds in their card packs and lockboxes. It should make for an interesting few days, at the very least. We’ll track as many as we can, but if you see published odds for any game’s lockboxes that we don’t have on the site, drop us a line.


  1. I feel like any game that has a separate version for china will just alter drop-rates in only that version, to keep everybody else in the dark.


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