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About the game:
Title: League of Legends
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Moba
Developer: Riot Games
Publisher: Riot Games

Explosive Features:

  • Great Mix of Strategy and RPG.
  • Plenty of Heroes.
  • Clean Interface.

League of Legends (LoL) is a creation of Riot Games inspired by the classic Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients. This free MMO game mixes strategy and RPG elements in a perfect way to offer exciting and always different matches.

Gameplay is not only accessible but also extremely replayable, with the player having to hone his skills and tactics for each battle. The fantasy universe is appealing and features great visuals in a unique genre bending experience. The developers are constantly updating the game with new champions, features, maps and many more, with a lot of suggestions from the community being taken into account.

In League of Legends the player is a Summoner, a spell caster that brings forth a champion to fight in the Valoran’s Fields of Justice. The Summoner controls the champion and influences the result of the match through his/her skills, such as spells, runes and others. The Influence Points and Riot points earned at the end of the match will be used to help the champions in the next battles. While you can earn the former just by playing, the latter may be bought with real money.

League of Legends is a free MMO that offers an incredible amount of strategies and combinations, making the game extremely appealing and competitive for those looking for the best in the genre.

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System requirements

League of Legends Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Pentium 4 2 GHz / AMD XP 2500+
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free disk space
Video Card: DirectX 9.0 capable VGA Card

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  1. NoIdea on July 5, 2018

    for some odd weird reasons.. i haven’t tried or played this game.. maybe i should try playing this one?

  2. Dark Phantom on February 18, 2018

    All are correct about toxic ppl but that will end soon!
    OR the game will..

  3. Dark Phantom on February 18, 2018

    Obviously Eclipse is one of the TOXIC ppl Ignore it & move on..

  4. Robot Dog on December 22, 2017

    League of legends is a good game but the community is not friendly to new players plus there is a lot of negative language from the community that make you sick. Most people have already say do not play this game. (Stay Away from this unhealthy Gaming Community for you health.)

  5. Bodhizapha on June 30, 2017

    How can you guys say it is not balanced? They are always updating it. The community is a little toxic, but that’s what a mute button is for. I have play this game every day for a year now, and I love it. No games are the same, and playing with my friends just makes the exp better. Give it a try, but remember to actually give it a fair shot. the learning curve is high…it will take a few games to get the feel for it, and understand its not just about getting kills. It’s about teamwork, and strategy.

  6. Eclipse on April 18, 2017

    Great game, I’ve been playing it for 3-4 years and it’s been a pretty good ride those far. The community can be toxic but I don’t think I’ve ever played a multiplayer game that didn’t have pricks. I see a lot of people say the game is unbalanced and I can (with confidence) say that those people are most likely not good at the game and blame it on other factors besides themselves. The game get’s patched every 2-3 weeks to stop “OP” champions. If you want to play casual you’re more than welcome but I find it more of a competitive game than casual.

  7. Lola on March 23, 2017

    I quited beceuse after 5-6 month of this community, the game ruins friendships and its just the tresh itself.
    The game is full of kids that arent intelligent enough to play with other players and cooperate.
    The poeople that say its a great game cant create an own opinion beceuse this is all what you will hate. It makes u cry and rage at your own friend, its just horrible pelase stay away from is it just takes your money and throws out the window for visual prices that are too high just beceuse you want that your champs looks good. And in the last week i got banned beceuse i used skin mods, and i dont wanted to throw my money away for that stupidness i dont need in my live.
    It makes fun but for a little time so long you aren’t confront with this disgusting community and that money waste you make with.

    • Eclipse on April 18, 2017

      I’m not sure if the part about the unintelligent kids a joke or something but quited isn’t a word and your spelling is at the level of a 3rd grader. I wouldn’t recommend anyone listening to you considering I’m sure you were that one annoying kid who went 0/10 and blamed other lanes.

    • . on May 9, 2017

      It’s true! I started a game, for mistache, i died, and a kid wrote to me, that my mom should die. WTF, and the sad thing that Riot doesn’t care about it, the skins are more important. Try Hearoes of the Storm, it’s a very good MOBA game, with good community too!

  8. League of Legends on December 14, 2016

    League of Legends Review
    + Character Classes (Damage Dealer, Tanker, Support)
    + Team Match
    + Skin Costume
    + Strategy
    + Casual
    – Hazards Community (Negative mostly)
    – Bad Customer Support
    – Hacker can ruin the game
    – No Offline Training Mode
    – Auto Matchmaking Bad
    – Unbalance PVP
    Star: 3/5 (Good)
    (Not Recommended)

    • Eclipse on April 18, 2017

      Sorry to say but I don’t see how the pvp in league is unbalanced? It’s balanced every couple weeks. The game comes down to skill, not unbalanced champions (which don’t exist).

    • high elo bro on June 6, 2017

      riot has now implemented a training mode that you can use to practice any champion in your possession. It is a very good way to practice combos and just get really familiar with a champion and also try out different builds. I agree that the matchmaking can be very bad if very experienced players are playing with their friends that are not as good him/her and everyone else is just as bad as they are. That needs some improvement for sure.

  9. Black on December 12, 2016

    Good game but no balance at all….

  10. Fragger on November 4, 2016

    This game has turned to nothing but a blatant showcase of “we have no idea where to go with our game, so we are just going to blatantly steal from other games so we can create a monopoly on ours and cash grab as much as we can”.

    Don’t get me wrong, this game is a nice casual game. It’s not competitive. Despite it’s “competitive scene” the game is far from being that based on it’s “pro” players. The majority of this game, by design, is designed to “play itself” meaning, nothing really builds skills in other games. That’s why it’s so popular. It makes you feel like you’re a good player, even when you aren’t. Think of it like “very easy” mode.

    Now that FACT gets people easily offended. Which brings me to another point: This game has the biggest joke of a entitled community ever. Think of it being the “Call of Duty” community of the MOBA-scene.

    This game was in a position to really define itself as original and skillful. Instead, being bought by Tencent, it focused on the monetization of casual players. While they might not like to admit it, it has been on a steady decline after Season 2 because of this and other MOBAs which have defined themselves in an actually competitive matter. Which is why they blatantly steal ideas from them, they have nothing left of their own (which they barely had in the first place).

    If you are looking for a game that you can hope in and play with one finger and hit “Challenger” rank. Go for it. Don’t let the lack of challenge offend you. Enjoy feeling the need to buy aesthetics and being entitled for no reason. You can read the comments on any media site and see how the LoL community is exactly that: LOL.

    • high elo bro on June 6, 2017

      I completely disagree with what you have to say. LoL takes a lot of thought and decision-making. Positioning, good team-fighting, skill-shots, when to actually use skills at the correct moment, communication, good team compositions, these are some of the things that are absolutely necessary to make someone a really decent player and can place oneself in gold and platinum if those things are done well. Of course there are many more things that come into play such as champion difficulty and your opponents as well as roles and what one duties each role has to fulfill. It’s not competitive? It is the most popular esport and there are so many professional teams. And by the way you use five fingers to play πŸ˜‰ (q,w,e,r, and mouse click). Also it is very difficult to make it to challenger rank and takes years of playing as well as practice.

  11. Blue Nethus on October 21, 2016

    this game is great , real fun

  12. AZIRmain on October 2, 2016

    Ugh, don’t listen to all these hate comments. Yeah the community isn’t the best, no community is. Just ignore all the bad people, the internet will always have them. This game is great, a lot of the times the people that say it isn’t balanced or champions are OP just don’t know any counterplay.

  13. Vincent on September 4, 2016

    Worst community ever!!
    Boosted accuonts, scripters. i played 4 years and now try new moba.
    Never again LOL!

    • Eclipse on April 18, 2017

      I’ve also played for about 4 years and I’ve never run into a scripter, I’ve run into smurfs but that’s bound to happen. No matter the game you play, there’s always gonna be someone better than you. I’d like to hear of a community that is “nice”. No one likes losing so yea, most multiplier games tend to have toxic communities.

  14. thenameless685 on July 12, 2016

    Well i started playing this game since the last couple of weeks of season 2. So ill start by saying i loved the game back then pretty much up until season 5 when thing started to go sour. This is gonna be extremely long also.

    Ok there was a whole vision “overhaul” which took away invisible wards leaving only the visible ones. There was also a nerf to the pink ward (the ones that see invisible units) making invisible champions too op, then juggernaut rework came into existence making tank which literally where just damage sponges before into damage sponges that deal assassin level damage, the whole map was reworked( which was nice), then there was a jungle rework which made jungling more viable, then it was nerfed, then jungle specific items were addded which were abused by laners. There has been numerous champions reworks to fit the current meta when before they were rework to fit their role, for example literraly each new champions moves fast, have escape, is more powerful than old ones, requires less mana,etc which makes every game have literally the same 26 champs or so of the 100+ available making the game repetitive. Also mana regen was pretty much gutted making mana hungry mages almost impossible to play, mages were reworked some to the point of uselessness while other got a passive shield that blocked 90% of all damage, could silence, has basically minion, does damage over time, and his ult does damage based on health and makes the victim unable to attack/move (malhazar) kind of rework. Old favorites were reworked into the current meta making the game even more stale taric when from being a tanky/mage to a tank/support with cc, items have been removed for no good reason, mage items were nerfed meaning each game its literally all ad, the community is toxic as ever, riot is more focused on releasing skins that fixing problems and finally the entire game is “balanced” around pro player meaning that the game is literally targeted toward like less than 2% of their entire player base. The games have become short meaning late game champs are worthless (50 mins to 26), slow mages like anivia are also pretty worthless right now, a game mode was removed, they changed the queue to a new one that basically punishes you for playing solo(meaning the current queue is made for duo/teams) and lots of stupid changes that really make no reason like the entire removal of the game lore(story) for no stupid reason, releasing champions that dont require mana nor any type of energy to use abilities with low cd (spamming champions) like yasuo basically button mashing champions, nerfing not used champions while buffing most popular ones leading to even more champion stagnation to the point in which every game has either a zed, yasuo, yi, kat or malhazar (plus other 10 or so) or at least most of them ill say like 88% of the games. And finally before the games was usually a fairly close battle but now if the other team has the op(over powered) champs and your team doesn’t, and if they get a couple of kill you cant literally stop them leading to having like 8 ouf of 10 games winning by landslides basically while the other 2 in surrender..not anymore close matches in which one made a stupid mistake and lost anymore killing. Also before i forget most items are never used since the not popular were nerferd leading to literally building the same way everygame

  15. You suck now, Riot on July 2, 2016

    Left LOL a few years back… Those were the days where people were playing and typing offensive language…

    Came back a few days ago… and its all bots everywhere, minus most of the spewing. Thought I could get back some fun out of LOL but it has now become a worse joke…

    For sure.. I am uninstalling this and wont be ever coming back. Would spread the news and tell all my friends dont bother to invest in LOL, especially the kiddy ones, to go play other MOBA over this one.

  16. Shadow on June 8, 2016

    this game is so horrible dudes stop playing it and play something else the toxic players make yu to became like them stop playing it until yu lose evrething i lose everything playing this game

  17. Unknown on June 2, 2016

    You will never see me playing this game especially with the toxic community I keep hearing about.

  18. best game in the world on May 26, 2016

    Best game i have ever played there is always something new

  19. ShadowGamingzZ on April 9, 2016

    gg was my favourite game until i lost my fcking promos because of some noob trollers who then reported me for offensiv language. Guess what happened i got banned from the game. btw These where my promos to master. I have been working on getting to master for 3 years and have been supporting the game since i playy it i spent more than 300 euros on the fcking game and how riot Support me is by banning my acc gg……..

    • LoL lover on May 26, 2016

      well i think the reported for offensive because you were actually offensive and remember that even 9 reports from 1 game are all counted as only 1 report and that 1 report was enough to ban you they can’t ban you for no reason

    • Lola on March 23, 2017

      I started to played it for 5-6 month and i got banned for Skin Mods beceuse i dont wanted to waste my money for some shit that i just dont need and is just a money waste.
      So yea.

  20. Alani on April 4, 2016


  21. noob riotgame on April 4, 2016

    My worthless riot games you doing in my account league of legends definitively contested many times stumbled upon my evil people did you definitive suspension and echs Wali SO POLA MONEY Yan EAT my noobs ate the apisteftos123 jacobhighnoon

  22. Qhahskwnsb on March 26, 2016


  23. RITOPLS on March 5, 2016

    Can graves get his cigarette back ?

  24. commodog on February 29, 2016

    I’m going to lay down the iron hand of epic depth and understanding about this game.

    Hi, I am an anonymous dude, but I promise the following is absolutely true:

    – I have over 4000 games played.
    – I have ~5 years in the game.
    – I have 1 Plat account, and one Silver (Currently making it’s way to Gold when I feel like playing it…)

    I do not consider myself a *professional player*. I am not.
    However, what I *am* is an extremely informed player, who has extensive experience, and has even communicated with the higher ups at Riot on a few occasions (Disagreements, recommendations, etc.)

    So, here are the pitfalls of this game (League of Legends):

    #1. A ranked and ladder rating system that fails to account for independent player metrics in considering a persons competency and placements.

    What does this mean?: This means that if you are an amazingly competent player, your climb might be arduous, painful, and nigh impossible without a duo for support or assistance. A common tactic with F2P games that have placements, is to simply grind a few smurfs into placements, and then proactively climb with the one that placed best.

    Yes, this works.
    A fresh level 30 account can be placed at the top of Gold by simply being fortunate enough to be placed into a match with competent players. Another poster here stated it properly when they said, “It’s mostly luck, and it sucks.” Yes. That is so true!

    I have seen players in Bronze, Silver, and Gold, who were absolutely amazing, but the roll of the dice, and the lack of a duo basically meant they were constantly and consistently paired with teammates who made it impossible for them to win through some combination of being –
    A.) Incompetent with counterbuilds
    B.) Terrible at positioning
    C.) Lacked foundational map awareness
    D.) Lacked knowledge of other champs abilities and strengths/roles.
    E.) Highly toxic or egotistical, possessing a confidence or belief in themselves that extends far beyond their competencies.

    or, most likely…

    F.) Some combination of all these things.

    People *will* come here to try and tell you that it’s possible to solo your way out of this games lower-middle divisions, but they are certainly incorrect. I have seen pros get stuck in lower divisions, and only some of the worlds best players can legitimately do this task to any reliable degree.

    I have also seen people in higher divisions (Painfully, I actually *know* some people who are in Plat, and shouldn’t be, because they simply knew an amazing player.)

    #2. League of Legends has, *hands down*, the *worst* online community of all time! This position is compounded by a few things.

    A.) Large age-range, resulting in teenagers, and younger, less mature players hopping on.
    I don’t mean this as a pejorative, really, but many younger individuals don’t have the foresight, wisdom, or dedication and drive to pull out of a losing match. They would rather forfeit the match under the pretense that they know whats best, when really, they simply don’t.

    B.) Everyone ego tends to come out, and people are convinced they are genuine masters of this game, and that since they read a Mobafire build, or watched LCS, they are now sufficiently informed, amazing players capable of directly emulating the pros. Sure enough (This tends to happen in Bronze/Silver/Gold more than Plat+ I have noticed), when a professional gamer pulls out the Leblanc or Zed mid, there’s a fanboy (or girl) leaping into a ranked match, building and trying to play “like the pro”, and inevitably failing at it, feeding, hugely sucking, and raging at their team over it.

    People don’t realize that the pros build or play style isn’t for *every match*. It’s specifically tailored for a given match because said professional knows the entirety of the situation and composition of a particular matchup, and (counter)builds and plays appropriately.

    #3. Riot is a *business* that has lost it’s personal touch.
    Prior to the acquiring of League of Legends by Chinese ISP giant, Tencent, there was a dedication to the playerbase that wasn’t just visible at the MLG level, but down to the individual player as well. Yes, their support is actually quite good at responding, but they do not proactively address issues (many of them mentioned in this post) that actually affect the morale of their playerbase.

    You can get into a several placement matches in a row, get stuck with two afk’s every game, and Riot will simply tell you, in a polite way, to fuck yourself. There isn’t anything they will do, or are *willing* to do, to fix this issue.

    Actually, about 2 weeks ago, I was put into placements for Plat 2.
    Since this was my second go-around, I received the notice that “Congratulations! You have qualified for a series! You have been granted one free win, due to a previous placement attempt!”

    I started the series, needing only one win, with one being granted.
    I go into the game, and lost the first match.

    No problem.
    It shows one green check mark (my free win), and one red X (the loss I just had).
    I play another game.
    I am dismayed to find that as I enter the postgame screen, I still have one red X, and one green check mark.

    I already know Riots position on this (Fuck you, dear player!), but I fill out the ticket, and submit it.

    Yep, “We can’t do anything about it, blah blah blah,…”, so yeah. Essentially,. “Fuck you, dear player!”.

    My personal opinion, is that there have been better Mobas (DOTA 2 is *technically* a far superior game, even if I think the backstory and character models of League of Legends make it more, erm,…”appealing”)

    Play it on occasion (i.e. for “fun”), but don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that League of Legends is a fair, or balanced game that will “treat you with equality”.

    It will not.

    Expect to go years between player experience improvements, but less than a month between a dozen skin releases, and at least one champion release, which, by the way, will be a simple rework of existing champion skills, put together in a new model.

    Tencent hungry!
    Riot feed Tencent!


    League will die.
    When it does, many will despair at what it *could* have been.

    • AdderTude on June 15, 2016

      At one point a couple years ago, I was in the middle of a ranked match while they were performing live maintenance. Needless to say my connection was lost mid-match so I did my usual check. My wifi was good, as I could use my browser with no hitches, so my conclusion was that their live patching had caused me to drop out of the match at hand. Afterwards, I was given the notice that I had been given a low-priority status a a result of “leaving” too many games (I do not rage quit under any circumstances; if I lose connection, I do everything in my power to reconnect). After emailing support, with photo evidence, that they were at fault, even appealing on the forums, I had two outcomes happen.
      First, the forum post with clear evidence that Riot was at fault for my dropping out of the match was quietly removed by the moderators. I thought that was bogus, since they never gave any reason.
      Second, the support team responded to my email basically saying “It’s not our fault you lost connection to your game because of our live maintenance. It must have been your ISP.” This was despite explicitly explaining that my wifi connection was fine, proven by using my browser without any problems.
      So the outcomes were 1) my post casting the right blame on Riot getting removed, and 2) the response to my email pointing the finger at me for dropping out instead of owning up to their blunder.
      This season alone, I quit playing ranked because for as large as their champion roster is, the size no longer justifies the continuation of only three bans per team, and that more bans are required. They will never do it because of their darling pro stars.

    • Folcar on October 2, 2016

      i like most of what you said but you mentioned luck in placements and that is incorrect. there is a formula for it which also sucks because again it consists of placing good players with bad ones. I have played the game since 2010 and i have around 4 or 5 accounts that are permanently banned due to the crap that Riot to pull over the players. the game is free to play but as you are aware they do make money from players who are willing to buy skins and other upgrades, however no bad player would pay that money when they are permanently stuck in low level, therefore Riot’s method of having such players spend money on the game is by placing them with better players who could attempt to carry them. I have noticed that if you play well and have consistent wins then you would end up being placed with bad players with the hope you could carry them. I didn’t want to believe that this is the case so i actually started playing like crap when placed with bad players, which proved my point because i stopped getting placed with the bad players and i actually started getting good players. If Riot claims that the game is fair or is created just for fun then its a lie. the Purpose of the game is to make money for Riot and they will do anything possible to get that done including overpowering new champions when they are released so people spend money on buying them and once the champion has made enough money for Riot he/she gets nerfed again. About the toxicity of the community, i would admit i could be considered a toxic player but that only occurs in games where i end up having the worst of teammates possible, like trolls or those that are playing a duo and have no care about anyone in the team except their buddies (making you being left to fend for yourself against the whole enemy team at times). LOL could be a great game if Riot does actually focus on areas that require adjusting like matchmaking and making sure bad players aren’t allowed to rank unless they master atleast 10 champions or so. instead riot wastes its time on focusing at things that would make them more money instead despite the unfairness that their adjustment might create. also one could call Riot thieves as they often do permanently ban players despite the money those players spent on the game. I mean they could let those players just have bot games only instead of completely taking their money then telling them you are not allowed to use any feature of the game. If i was taught one thing by Riot, it is that you are better off buying a game in which you know you could always play no matter what, rather than play a free game and once you put money into it for upgrades you end up losing it all. Maybe all banned players that have lost money towards riot should start a petition to sue the company for giving them back that money they spent or letting them atleast use the bot feature of the game.

  25. RIPMOBAGAMES on September 23, 2015

    As my name states: Rest in Peace every MOBA game! It was nice playing with you all, these games were great, but it is time for them to die. The good old balance is no longer here… The good ideas were turned into s**t and parodies of themselves. The three of the greatest MOBAS: DotA2, League of Legends, and SMITE are soon to die, and don’t say that the games are alive, they are dead. Only noobs or people who wasted so much money onto these games. It all started with one idea: “Aeon of Strife, a Starcraft 2 mod. After it came Defence of the Ancients, or DotA1 if you may call it, a Warcraft 3 mod. Then these three games began to develop.” After a few years of running, it is time to put these games to rest. They were the three kings of the MOBA market, but now the market is about to die. It will remain for some time, because the developers still want their games to live, but they no longer succeed in doing so. DotA2 Reborn is horrible now, it is unbalanced, and it no longer have that perfect meta of 2013 before the TI3. League of Legends’ developers are just trying to survive, because the game is no longer appealing. and SMITE, were always horrible, good idea, but it followed the Pay To Truly Play of the League, so not a lot of people wanted to get into the game. I have played all 3 games, for a good amount of time, but it is sad to realize that these games which started the new generation of MOBA games, the three kings, are soon will be dead. I am off to the DotA1 and Aeon of Strife! Just let these games to die, they are no longer worth your time!

  26. Jesus Christ on August 8, 2015

    This game is garbage. It will make you shit in your pants then eat it.

  27. Uhhhh hi on August 2, 2015

    League is awful. Riot doesn’t give a flying saucer about its customer base, they have no idea how to balance their games and champions, and good luck getting a non-automated response from sending in a support ticket. good luck getting a response at all. I have seriously waited for over 9 days for my tickets to be answered only for them to blown off.

    Riot is crap, don’t waste your time with their game.

    • Mordekaiser on December 10, 2015

      I asked a support question and got a non-automated message within a few hours. LoL is the best, screw DOTA

    • AdderTude on June 15, 2016

      I think it’s largely because Riot hired Ghostcrawler as their lead content designer. Ghostcrawler is infamous among Blizzard fans for destroying what was apparently fun about PvP in World of Warcraft.

  28. LEAGUEOFPLEBS on July 31, 2015


  29. Fiction on July 27, 2015

    When someone talk about dota they talk about dota, but someone talk about LOL they talk about dota, ahahahahaa

  30. Starbreaker14 on February 21, 2015

    This game is EXTREMELY fun and I’ve been playing it for 2 years. As fun as it is before you start playing it I suggest you do a couple things…

    1: Start the game with friends!
    I began this game with a group of friends I met online and skyped frequently. We had loads of fun doing troll matches and wierdass builds but it was totally worth it. A majority of my friends don’t play it as much as they used to but we still always play together when someone asks.
    2: Expect to be flamed
    When you are just starting out you are probably going to be facing a LOT of smurfs (higher level chars on low level accounts) they WILL yell at you and curse you off. BUT there is this magic button called THE MUTE BUTTON. (Just hit tab and click the little speech bubble next to the players name). Report them after you are done if they really ticked you off. (Good job you made the community 0.00001 % better)
    3: Don’t give up
    Hell if you think you have lost the game think twice. Considering I’m only bronze there are ALWAYS comebacks.
    4: This is not pay to win
    The reason so many champions are expensive like 6300 IP is due to the skill level it requires to play each champion. Riot makes it so a player has a little bit more experience with the game before they purchase an expensive champion. These guys are usually pretty hard and have a big learning curve. If you buy them I suggest you look up guides and videos on them (make sure you have the proper season for the most recent builds/tips) Also don’t buy these champions with RP it is a COMPLETE waste and you are definitely going to be bad with the champion if you are just starting out.
    5: HAVE FUN
    If you are not having fun leave. You are going to end up ruining the game for other people. Be kind and considerate and help people struggling around you. Give em pointers, send them to helpful guides, send youtube links, add them and talk to them. Just don’t ruin the game for others…

    Well just follow those five rules and your Leaguing will be successful! If you want feel free to add this scrub —> Starbreaker14 <— (bronze trash right here but I still have fun :D)

  31. Akali-Chan on February 10, 2015

    As of 12/11/2014, 123 Champions released and many more in the future… I think…
    Lots of items with different effects…
    Summoner Spells that help players out if the regular abilities are on cool down…
    Runes and Masteries boost the base stats and modify lots of factors, like increasing damage taken to increase damage dealt…
    Mostly teamwork based, though you’re mostly alone when doing solo things like laning, stealing buffs, split pushing, etc., so it’s also skill based…
    Fast paced team fights…
    Long story short, great game… lotsa players in the community are toxic, though…

  32. Chinooba on December 26, 2014

    Repetitive and uninspired.. As shallow as a cookie pan.. You might as well bang your head against the wall for 30 mins..

  33. Santa-clemidia on December 25, 2014

    Terrible game. I’ll be generous and rate it 4/10. It is a pay to win game, and it relies on releasing Heros so people will buy them so riot can survive.

    Reallllly bad

    • lol what? on December 28, 2014

      I don’t see how it’s pay to win, only gameplay-affecting thing you can get with rp is new champs. Rp just makes buying champions faster when it takes a little more work to get them for ip. Winning is based on your skill with the champions you have, not always the ones you’ve bought with irl money.

  34. Santa-clemidia on December 25, 2014

    Terrible game. I’ll be generous and rate it 4/10. It is a pay to win game, and it relies on releasing Heros so people will buy them so riot can survive.

  35. Markusnenia on November 11, 2014

    I really do not recommend this game. after 2 years of playing ive encountered some minors:
    – The community is more toxic than liquid ebola
    – Early levels you play against 80% smurfs (higher mains playing on low accounts)

    The game itself is pretty cool. Only the community is very worse and a no go for me. I’m done after being yelled at in 3 games in a row. If you can’t take any flame from other players. i recommend to searh further for an another MOBA

    • Lulu on November 19, 2014

      Some of the community is toxic, sure. I can’t go against that in the slightest, I’d say around 1/5 players are toxic, which is pretty bad, but there are plenty who aren’t as well. If you were yelled at 3 games in a row I’m sure you did something to have it coming. Players under level 30, and players in ranked games are normally the most toxic, if you’re playing at level 30 normal games then what you’re saying really shouldn’t be an issue, unless you’re literally just being a troll in-game. If someone goes at you because you’re bad, ask them what you should do, and if they’re verbally abusing you, just hit the ignore button and report it after game, they’ll be banned.

    • lol what? on December 28, 2014

      And what MOBA has a less toxic community? Please inform me. I know that DOTA 2’s players are just as bad.

      • AdderTude on June 15, 2016

        Nah, it’s mainly the Russian tryhards you find yourself playing with. Granted some NA players aren’t any better, I found myself getting chewed out by Russians more than anything.

    • MobasInANutShell on February 22, 2015

      My MOBAs Comunity isn’t like that at all, its friendly and good and no one is ever toxic, even though there is an [all] chat.
      – Said nobody ever

  36. ExperiencedPlayer on October 14, 2014

    Here are some things you should take into consideration before playing:

    – Huge champion pool. Always adding new champions and balancing them out.
    – Lots of media; Twitch streams, big shows in California, shout-casting, Youtube videos.
    – Big community.
    – New game modes released for a duration; nice breath of fresh air every once in a while.
    – Nice gameplay feel and lots of room for mechanical mastery.
    – There’s a champion for everyone’s play style!

    – The community is majority toxic, mean, and ignorant. The kind of people that tell you to go kill yourself and report you for being 0 kills 2 deaths. I would recommend no All-Chat and muting anyone on first offense because the toxicity can get overwhelming.
    – Highly team based. Players complain about something called “elo hell”. The reason for elo hell is because of the next statement.
    – Lots of smurfs. This means players who have been playing for a very long time create a level 1 account and destroy all the low level players that are just starting. Also, there is boosting. Highly-skilled players will go on their friend’s low level account and beat everyone to boost the account’s rank up. Because of this, it can be very hard to get to the next rank because even if you play extremely well, there can be a smurf on the other team that plays even better. The only way to get to the next rank is to be WAY ABOVE everyone in your rank. This can be very discouraging at times.
    – The champions and items in the game are being updated to fit the meta instead of the meta being decided by the players. This may be a problem to some people. Instead of the players making jungling happen and be a part of the meta, Riot makes items and champions designed to be good in the jungle and penalized when in lane. The meta was supposed to be the best strategy and now its because of the way the game is designed.

    So, basically the game is very supported and maintained and always kept fresh for the players, but the community is ruining it for themselves by being so toxic/mean to each other and ruining the ranked experience for others by smurfing and boosting. By the way, most clan-like communities in league ban for smurfing and Riot bans for boosting and too many reports of being toxic. They understand the problems exist, but its a hard thing to control.

  37. nothing on October 12, 2014

    Welcome to moba of 10-12 years. feel free grow up before commenting on other moba games!!.

  38. anna boobies D on July 28, 2014

    this game is the worst thing ever made by a human. everyone reading this is probably eating chocolate at the same time so hard to tell if everything will be fine.

  39. GamingCourse on June 19, 2014

    From my professional view as a licensed game reviewer i can say few things about those 2 games.
    First, graphic: DotA 2 wins due to more realistic textures and movement realization.
    Gameplay: whole other stories. LoL is way more harder to play cause of 2 things. First is, you need a lot of skill and hours of playing to learn other champions spells so you can evade them and get a proper position in team fight, changing position of your champion quickly is very important to keep you health bar filled, DotA is slower and you can’t evade most of enemy spells. Second thing is TEAM. Your game is very much affected by your team which in DotA is not a case. For example if someone leave a game even for a 5 to 10, min that’s a big loss for your team and more likely lost game. I would say DotA is more casual game and LoL is more skilled game and way more frustrating since you need a 4 other good player to win and lost is not acceptable in Ranked series.

  40. isit on June 10, 2014

    best game ever, check out my gameplay videos at isit666.tumblr.com

  41. Lex on June 10, 2014

    TRUTH ABOUT League Of Legends :
    > Yes, fun to play if you have experienced friends to premade with, and secure at least 4/5 players wont rage feed, or leave the game
    >From over 3000 games i have had going from my 3 accounts ,there is a secret there that no one is proud of, “Elohell” just type it up on google.
    Meaning aprox 8/10 games you play will include players who do not know what they are doing, and the ones that dont will mostly rage, flame and feed intientionally, or my personal favo “I go AFK” that ive seen in League one too many times.

    >Toxic wise, this game has the most repulsive community on non platinum tier ranked games, which is like 95+% of the games community and you can and will not expect to have any fun what so ever if you dont have skilled and trusted players to team up with.
    There is no Tribunal, Support system, Ban system that is in any way related to human resources, it is all automatic, and most of the time, you get rage banned from jealousy of other players if you play it right.
    Overall avoid if possible, you will not find fun nor time well spent on that game.
    And for paying customers, just check forums, some skins RIOT offers are more expensive than entire games out there.

    • Algofra on November 3, 2014

      Not really they do have a tribunal and they do suppress yor ability to play the next day if you leave a lot of games plus if you get reported a lot you cant play for like the next week or something like that so get your things right

    • Lulu on November 19, 2014

      Lots of BS, lots and lots of BS. 8/10 Players don’t know what they’re doing? Okay first off to be level 30 you’ve had to have played a few hundred hours, sooo unless you purchased your account, I’d say most players by that point know what they’re doing, some just choose not to utilize that information, and I’d say in bronze its about 1/10 players, not 8/10….really? Calm down there. After bronze you’ll get fairly acceptable players, not only platinum *sigh* gosh, there’s no way you’ve played 3,000 games, let alone 100. The game is incredibly fun, yes you’ll have to deal with a bit of toxic waste, and more-so than on other games, but there’s no way 95% of the games will be bad, that’s utter bull. I’ve played about 2,500 games on my ONE account, and I’d say at least 95% of them HAVE BEEN ENJOYABLE! If you give this game an actual shot, then you will find this game to be FUN!

      This is a tribunal system, have you even touched this game? Its fairly easy to access, and PLAYERS judge if the ban is worthy or not. I’ve been through over 100 cases to personally check the outcome of each ban, and NONE of them aren’t justified. The tribunal system League has set up is incredible, and if you’re troll voting there’s a % system to see how many correct/failed outcomes you’ve been through, which decreases and ultimately ends up not allowing you to vote anymore.

      The skins are purely cosmetic. If you find the price to be too expensive, don’t purchase it. Everything that gives you an advantage in-game can be purchased with the earned currency from playing the game. If you’ve played the game a while, and can justify spending a few extra bucks on a skin you enjoy for the countless hours of fun League has given you? Then buy a skin!

      If you think you can possibly spout anymore nonsense, feel free to. I’ll gladly respond to prove you wrong again. And this isn’t meant to be offensive, however virtually everything you said is false.

  42. me again on June 7, 2014

    u guys and gals should try Wizard 101, its safe from bad words like in League of Legends.

  43. Akihiko on April 21, 2014

    i use Garena in this awesome game

    • me on June 7, 2014

      its Garen

  44. InDaFaceGr on March 25, 2014

    LoL is a great game but as Silver told the problem is with the community. You will be flamed and reported. Though if you are good -like me- you can have fun though leavers and feeders Kill your fun…

  45. qazi on March 9, 2014

    the first moba gamme was on the apple called heroes of order and chaos.

  46. Silver on February 2, 2014

    the game is good. the community is on of the worst ive ever seen. if you dont go into the game as a pro expect to be flamed. i have been through 2 periods where i WONT play this game because i had such bad trolls in the game and i left shaking with rage. my opinion- if you are a hardcore gamer who could get into gold in their promo series- go for it. if you get stuck in bronze you should realize that some are there because they find enjoyment from antagonizing people and not from the game

    • Algofra on November 3, 2014

      Ban button=Rode to challenger

  47. radarada on January 29, 2014

    This game is great but problem is the community

  48. LoL reviewed on January 18, 2014

    Game wise good game, takes about 2 weeks to get use to it and find a character that suits you then you WILL enjoy it for a period. Unfortunately has quite a short life span gets tedious with only few game modes/maps, seems to have tons of characters and gets new characters regulary but with barely any game modes/map updates. To get the most fun out of LoL play with friends either against bots or players which ever you find most fun. Beware playing with randoms, the spirit of this game makes you want to play as a 1 man army and you may find yourself fighting with your own team mate/s for kills which can be very frustrating and ruin your gaming experience. Overall 7.8/10 worth playing for a short buzz, great for people who like to play a game for a short period of time then move on to another.

  49. Lithin on December 31, 2013

    Really is a great game. I’ve been playing for 6-7 months now and I’ve never been more mad at a game, but that is why I like it. You will always have players out there that rival your skill level. Although, almost everyone in this game is up their own ass (including myself sometimes). Playing Ranked is insanely stressful, but it gets easier as you play it more. I think the top 8% of players are in gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Challenger. Then the other 92% are in Silver or Bronze. Once you get out of Silver and Bronze there aren’t nearly as many people who complain about everything you do, but the level of trolls go way up. I don’t know about Diamond/Challenger, but Platinum has people in it who just do the oddest things. For the people who play this game, this one guy took Leblanc jungle. Like wtf? I didn’t even know that it could work, but he ended up building spellvamp and we ended up winning the game. Which still hurts my head thinking about it. Anyways, you can usually catch me playing on my smurf Lithin. Just hit me up with anymore questions about the game. Great game and I would strongly recommend it.

    • MobasInANutShell on February 22, 2015

      The average lol player is around silver II-III

      Gold V is in the “I’m better than 66.86 % of the players.”

      Plat V is “I’m better than 89.974% of the players.”

      If you are Above diamond V you are among the 2.5% best players

      Diamond VI is already at the 1% player percentile.

      At anything beyond Diamond VI you are just a really great player honestly.

  50. League Trolls. on December 29, 2013

    The game is a great game, but there are too many toxic trolls who play this game. Worst part is that these toxic players report players who are not toxic and the community often punishes players and bans them simply because they debate a troll in chat, or refuse to play a role, or lane, or follow a specific Meta.

    Riot Games says its not a ban offense, but they allow their Tribunal Community to vote and ban its users for breaking Meta, or refusing to lane for example I like to take my (AD) attack damage characters Mid Lane, but I get toxic players that curse at me in pre-game chat, they steal my lane try to force me to go bottom lane which I decline politely then they rage at game, and I get banned for refusing to go bottom lane.

    League OF Legends Great game, but the community is complete trash, I have played MOBA’s for years, and Never in any other MOBA have I ever got a warning or suspension for refusing to play a role, lane, or a champion a certain way, but in League be aware that the community is very toxic Riot games says that they have 32 Million players based on what I was told and like 8% of games are toxic, that is a lot of games Thousands of games a day.

    There are good players too but when Solo Q good luck not getting at least 3 toxic games out of 10 or more.

    It would be great if Prime World any of the other MOBA games would become popular and as great as League without the trolls, and without a Unjust Tribunal, and a forum run by about 5 specific trolls that constantly troll my posts twist words around, and are toxic.

  51. Typical MOBA player on November 22, 2013

    i love League of Legends! im enjoying my stay here. πŸ™‚

  52. Noah on November 16, 2013

    I LOVE this game its fun to play and worth every bit of your time im a big fan and the game is even better because it is FREE!!! and NOT even pay 2 win theres free champs each week and you dont have to pay money to buy others however it may take some time until you have enough points to get them. Great game MUST play.

    • ryuzaky7 on February 7, 2014

      Dude you are a retard 😐 i want to get this game league of legends and i played dota 2 great game πŸ˜€ and its more great that u can play all heroes without paying anything

      • finnton on October 20, 2014

        in dota tho theres nothing to work to so theres nothing really to aim for its kinda boring

        • SeDiViNe on November 19, 2014

          I agree with this ^ so hard

        • lol on November 28, 2014

          If u think dota is boring, lol is more boring and you said that there is nothing to aim? as if lol has huge things to aim for, and lol btw its a rip off of dota.

          • halocjh on January 17, 2015

            sorry to say this but some dota 2 developers left it to work on league because they didn’t like the way it was designed and they help league so it could be better.

      • halocjh on January 17, 2015

        Question then whats the point of playing you have no objective and there are just op champs and nothing gets nerf’d or buffed, it’s not balance and there’s just no point sorry but dota 2 aint worth it

  53. Liam on September 6, 2013

    League of Legends has 115 champions now, i think LoL is the best bcoz the champions are more ability dependent rather than Dota where u have to use your basic attacks all the time to kill someone. LoL is more fast paced which i like and its easier to understand than dota, and i would rather play a game where u have to buy champions and level up rather than play any champion whenever u want, bcoz its more interesting! πŸ™‚

  54. Tony on August 30, 2013

    Fun to play at the begining and for a while then i got bored of the same maps and old engine graphics game needs improvements.

  55. Eiohim on August 28, 2013

    RATING: 100 OUT OF 10

    This is hands down the best game I’ve ever played. Way better than DOTA even though I love it as well. There are currently 114 Champions to choose from to summon and play. While SOME of them have similar play styles every single champion is used for a certain situation. The game is constantly updated and is the #1 free to play game. THIS GAME IS NOT PAY TO WIN. The only thing real money does in this game is make your character look different, i.e.: Skins.

    Use the link I provided and add me in game (Eiohim) and I will help you start and give you a free skin of a Champion of your choice that’s under 10.00 USD. I have plenty of free codes sitting around and there’s no point in multiples. I am a top ranked in the world player so you’d learn from the best. Please, help me help you. Thanks!

    • .. on December 25, 2013

      top ranked player.. HAHA bronze 1 scrub. im sorry if this offends you but please do not claim to be top ranked player in the world if you are in bronze, get up to challenger and then lets see who’s good πŸ™‚ btw this game is overall amazing and i would recommend it to anyone. easy to learn, just be prepared for time consumption as some matches can be from 20mins-2 hours depending on how’s the match is going have fun playing LoL. πŸ™‚

  56. MOBA :) on August 25, 2013

    LoL>HoN HoN>LoL BOTH have their OWN perks. πŸ™‚ it’s just the taste of the gamer..
    Don’t compare them.. i played both of them i liked them both.. i just dont compare them.
    i just play them πŸ™‚ ENJOY the game πŸ™‚ DotA is fun TOO! πŸ™‚

  57. MOBA :) on August 25, 2013

    LoL>HoN HoN>LoL BOTH have their OWN perks. πŸ™‚ it’s just the taste of the gamer..
    Don’t compare them.. i played both of them i liked the both.. i just dont compare them.
    i just play them πŸ™‚ ENJOY the game πŸ™‚ DotA is fun TOO! πŸ™‚

  58. Pathog3n on August 22, 2013

    How can people even play this garbage?

    • Skeedeex on August 24, 2013

      League of Legends is obviously the best and most popular free to play game out there. The community is a bit bad but it is in all the MOBA games.

  59. Ian Patron on July 18, 2013

    This game has the potential to be the best free game ever…


    Most players are rude, mean-spirited, and just bad.

    You will be lucky to get one decent game where this isn’t a:

    1. A person who leaves the game
    2. A person who trash talks you to death
    3. A person who makes a homophobic remark
    4. A person who makes a racist remark

    This game used to be fun and now just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Play SMITE… it’s better.

    • Liam on September 6, 2013

      If u get to a higher elo then the players aren’t rude or leave the game, they focus on winning the game, but yeah sometimes they complain when they do bad.

  60. Aeof on July 14, 2013

    I tried League of Legends, went thru the “tutorial” and then joined a “beginners” match. I was level 4 or 5 by this time and was teamed to two level 60+ players who proceeded to tell me how stupid I was and the like. Up to this point I was enjoying the game, but when you have to high level players playing a “beginners” match for what seemed to be no other reason than to troll the noobs, kinda turned me off. But I thought, “hey! it cant always be like this.” Next match I joined had two high level players. When they started with the noob comments I logged off and uninstalled. Talk all you want about how great the game is, the community sucks

    • Areas on July 14, 2013

      Haha…the funny thing is my friend, the highest level u can attain in the game…is lvl30…not any higher….to confuse u more there are 3 levels of levels in the game…I’ll just leave that since u uninstalled your game…yes the community sucks…if u enter a matchmaking Player vs Player(PVP) at lvl 5 or 6 u will definetly be bashed upon…..try doing the custom games where u play against BOTS (AI) or the Co-op vs AI…where u play against bots along side real world ppl…that is less intimidating…in PVP its really hard to teach someone because of the enormous pressure opponent team puts on you…a lack of skill or split-second decision will kill u…as a matter of fact if they can kill u in a single blow..they WILL dive the turret to kill u then they run into the jungle…in games where u can practice against AI they will NOT turret dive u…so u can improve on your mistake(Maybe u rushed too much?)…in PVP ppl get pissed because when u die u give enemy team gold, so they get to buy powerful items(this is called feeding)…I suggest u to try the games against AI 1st then when u hit level 12 and above go in PVP and for the 1st 10 PVP game learn how not to die regardless of whether ur team wins or losses the game…u will get the hang of it in a few games..then u can let your subconsious mind do the “how not to die” part and focus on securing kills or getting objectives….point to note I said go into PVP at level 12 because u unlock the Summoner spell FLASH at that level…it is a really important skill..not always necessary but good for starters….if u think PVP is hard there is another level of gaming in PVP that is beyond it its called Ranked Game…oh boyyy if u feed enemy team there….its not easy but getting something around 500 PVP wins will give u a good basic for entering Ranked Game…the rewards is obviously higher….about the games vs AI…..before u start the game make sure to tell your team mates that u r new or u r trying a new champion….or else they will just assume that u know the rhytm of the game….like if he hides in the bush he expects u to lure the enemy in….you wont understand that of u havent played enough….for beginners choose a champion and stick to him until u master him then move on to the next champ…u will reach a point where u can master alot of champ in a matter of few games….with regards to which of the games are easiest to hardest is Ranked Game > PVP > Custom Game > Co-op vs. AI…start from Co-op vs Ai then move on… gl man!

    • Liam on September 6, 2013

      plz reinstall the game and try a bit harder, people make new accounts all the time and eventually once u level up some more and get better at the game, the community becomes better and u dont get yelled at, trust me, when i first started i was exactly the same, except i didnt uninstall the game, i kept playing, got better, then started winning games and now im only level 24 but the community is better and the games r more interesting bcoz the players r better 2! Try a bit harder and the becomes more interesting. HAVE FUN! πŸ™‚

  61. Rowen on July 12, 2013

    played LoL for 2 months and it’s totally boring ..

    played Dota 1 for almost 7 years and getting boring

    now i am currently focused on next generation Dota 2 ;D

    i wanna say DOTA RULE ALL MOBA GAMES !

  62. Devin on July 10, 2013

    If one plays this game with friends then it becomes extremely fun and addictive. However, the game has, possibly, the worst community of any game out there. There are those who will make new accounts and play with lower level people. These people often criticize other gamers for not knowing how to play the game. Then you play with people who don’t care and are very negative. They are the people who spam the surrender button and yell to quit.

    Even though the community is absolutely horrid, the game rivals pay to play games today. The game is by no means “pay to win”. The producers have a wide range of champions to suit different play styles and personalities. Free to play champions are offered every time someone plays. These champions are cycled out on a regular interval. The currency system is based on how much one plays and how good they do. So, if you play the game a lot then you can get almost whatever champions you want.

    I would strongly recommend this game due to its high quality gameplay experience. A kill actually means a lot in this game. Combined with friendly teammates and a champion that suits the player, the game can become the best to a specified player.

  63. Sanji on July 8, 2013

    this game blows dick im going back to Wow

  64. nRoi on July 7, 2013

    One more thing!!! Riot matchmaking sucks and Diamond Smurfs in Silver Ranked also annoys most of the players..

  65. nRoi on July 7, 2013

    Well, I recommend not to start playin this game.

    1st. Really addictive and takes most of your time
    2nd. It’s not that easy get IP for new champs
    3rd. There will always be a guy who will fck up your ranked game
    4th. This game is really playin your nerve strings

  66. Valdym on June 27, 2013

    If you register with thiss link when you earn lvl 10 you gain 1000 RP bonus!!

  67. shutshut on June 22, 2013

    what about file size game ?

    • eeerrrttttt on June 22, 2013

      This games is 2.5Gb…. join the fun dude πŸ˜€

  68. Um... Yeah.... on May 30, 2013

    The first game that i played for over 2 years… Others less than 2 month…

  69. myself AS ABOVE on May 17, 2013


    you can by EVERYTHING with online money


    To clear things up, there IS a cash shop, BUT you can only by champions and OUT OF GAME BOOSTS in there, so you get 100% of the game FOR FREE (but it does take a while)

    one champion takes uhhhhh between 3 games and 60 games to unlock, at lets say, 30 mins per games at least. or 10 Β£$ whatever. ITS COMPLETELY FREE

  70. myself on May 17, 2013

    I am an avid MMOer and I love LoL but this game has ONE major falling point;

    Once you start a game you can’t finish for around 25 minutes – sometimes up to 90.

    Apart from this the game is pretty fantastic, and I play a *LOT* of MMO’s. Of course, there are noobs, and whiners and leavers; NOTHING YOU CAN DO, all games have them. One thing I should note is that you are considered (rightly so) a ‘new player’ when you reach they highest level possible; Don’t take this wrong, you only unlock most o the game here, but it doesnt take as much effort as on other games. so;


    Massive player BAse
    Support is great and other players help too
    MASSIVE variety of champions (you can change each game)
    Extensive guides
    Lots of updates and new champions
    Impossible to max level ( actually no, ONE PLAYER can do this, but to be perfactly honest, youre not gonna be the best LoL in the world)


    Have to do fixed length games (can’t come and go as you like)
    Have to download for about 3 minutes every week (updates) not that much, but it’s a con.
    If you are level 1-5, you are new and rubbish. 6-25 you are new and probably rubbish. 26-29, you are new and possibly rubbish, 30 ( max level ) you are new. This is actually, a lot more sensible than it sounds, but if can be a little offputting.
    SO MANY EFFING CHAMPION, it can be very difficult. There are (at time of writing) 112, and for each one you NEED to know, all their 4 skills, their passive, their rough statistics, how they can be built, and where they play, to be able to say ‘ I am a reasonable player’

  71. thomas on April 29, 2013

    if anyone makes it past the downloader let me know. i spoke to support but its been 3 weeks

  72. Obamu on April 15, 2013

    Game is the most popular in the world, The company is the richest of a game type company(google how much they earn per year), always has new updates mostly champions and skins, maps cannot be overlooked there are quite many, always has bug fixes and balance tests, etc.

    But one flawed design make you rage like never before, its too team based/team reliant, or too luck based, I mean the winning or enjoyment of your game solely relies on your teammates not sucking, I know what your thinking, your right your always right, I was like you before, but after years of experience and understanding LoL, I conclude, LoL is pure LUCK, luck like who will be your group mates in a programming project, luck who will be your team in a basketball game, Yeah I know what your thinking its not winning and losing, and its all about having fun, yeah your right again I was like you before, then you keep losing, and its not that fun anymore, tried casino? its fun trying the first 3 games even its a loss, right? what about the next 10 games its 8 loss and 2 wins? is it still fun for you? well, there are some people still gonna claim its fun, but I’m talking about the majority of people, yeah, your right u can have friends u can play with, but can he play anytime your online? this game is great if you NEVER play alone, even with 3 its quite hard if theres an afk or feeder

    tl;dr: LoL is a pure Luck, too team reliant, too team based game, where you need to never play alone to even play decently.

    -4 years LoL player

  73. riot-.- on April 3, 2013

    i love this game but riot needs to answer thier emails way quiker w8ing on 6 tickets for an anwser about my hacked account for like 12 days now -.-

  74. Teemo on March 30, 2013

    I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone anymore. The community is poisonous. The more popular champs have infinite bugs and Riot still has yet to fix any of them even though they are well aware of the problems. The change how champions are played and when they rerelease them, they are broken to the point of you play that champion and no matter how good you are at the game, your team will win. When they release new chamions, just pick that champion and once again no matter how good you are at the game, you will win because its broken. Ranked system is completely flawed in every way. Its not the game it used to be in general. Back in season 1 and season 2 I would recommend this game but since post season 2 the game has just gone downhill with it.

  75. Zixx on March 12, 2013

    Most played onine game worldwide need more to hear ? I play it for about 2 years with some breaks.

    It runs great on crappy computers now MAC client being tested too so even if the graphic inst the greatest on the world it still looks amazing and everyone can play this game.

    Its free… no unlocking crap no llimits no pay to win just pure skill. New champions doesnt mean they are better, they are mostly imbalanced OP or UP so if you think you buy them instantly then go to a ranked games to dominate forgot about it.. If they are OP they get perma ban in every game untill they got fixed. Riot is constantly doing something always fixing, buffing champs, making new models of very old champs so nothing gets wasted and there is a reason behind that its very simple : This game makes money mostly on skins since they cant be bought with ingame currency so even old champs count, because you will buy skins for them too πŸ™‚ They also put down prices of old but very good champs. They have great business model to make profit and sponsor tournamets 2012 had 5 milion dollars prize pool πŸ™‚ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsGBA7UzMrI

    Riot is the best company on the market when it comes to interacting with community. They have superb events http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4CM02RxclA, currently the best and most watched events on esports. They make videos about every single patch http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5C21EBCCB32F15E3 Again they realy care about the pro scene and all the players, they keep the game balanced for causal players and pros too.

    The community has NOT ONLY trolls, noobs etc. People never talk about good stuff only about bad on forums.. Sure you will encounter this, because the game has masspopulation.. Many want to be pro, fatkids and so on. So its good to search for a guild or play with friends when you dont have nervers for the people.

    People complain about Tribunal system when they get banned fro “no reason” honestly I have never seen that….people make these posts all over the youtube and internet, because they got banned for mostly nice language etc.. I lied I actulay remember once a pro guy got banned acidentaly using some external program, but they talk it out with the support it was all over the forum, also I have seen when a pro player from a good US team got banned, this means they dont care if you are pro you get banned… also he is able to play on new account, but cant go to competition for 1 year πŸ˜›

    When it comes to champions you have 2 free at start from subscribing to youtube and facebook, also you have 10 champions you can play for a week in a next week you get new 10 champs this means you can play all the champs without spending a your points or money and I also recommend this untill you find your style. They add new champs every month, some of them are ofc similar in mechanics, but its always new, the variations, the look ofc and all so there is always something to look for and I m sure every single person who plays this game one day will have his champ that completly suits his personality. Be a psychopat killing machine, unkilable tank, most feared mage, sneaky bastard, annoying cute bastard (Teemo must die) what you want its all there πŸ™‚

    I had lag btw in this game..like in any other internet game. The game need balance fixes like any other online game, but compared to most I know Riot is actualy fixing thinks constantly all the time in every patch (every month somethimes more when need hotfix) The community has all kinds of people, find good and play with them only on team. This is a team based game, but you are also alone 1vs1 on your line or jungle so both team and solo skills are important. Pve and PvP are both important you need good farm killing monsters and minions. Simply this games offers a lot to all kind of people you can play support if you dont like killing πŸ™‚

    In no other onlinge game I have played in years (mmorpg, mmo) I felt so good when I dominate my oponents, when I feel I learned my champion so well also I m so mad when I suck XD


    Dota 2 players please dont comment here, enough stalking you pervert nerds, Valve doesnt care thats why LoL takes the spot baby.

  76. mr blah on March 5, 2013

    In case anyone is wondering the incessant and brilliant updates have actually increased the file size;
    when the game started it was indeed 1.3GB
    now it is actually nearer to 2.3 GB
    just so everyone knows

  77. lman89607 on February 28, 2013

    Dont play this crap at all.If u know anything then you would know league of legends community is bunch of trash!Theres always a troll or a afker.Others Dont care at all and make you loose rank matches.I went from 1900 elo to 1000 elo because every match someone would give up. EX-I was 5/2/6 with teemo and my team surrender because are sokora made a mistake by the way it was a rank match

    • ZIxx on March 12, 2013

      If you are good you will come to better rating like everyone else… It was tested a lot times and even the best players tell you they did it solo to max rank and you cant ? Practice more.

  78. Hehehe on February 26, 2013

    Pretty much what a lot of other people are saying. Best game I have ever played. I’m not even kidding. It’s the only game that I’ve been interested in for a whole year, and plenty more to come. Sure there’s downsides (extreme champion balance issues, community). Well, honestly, while the community lets you down a lot, I find it a saint whenever I try to play HoN. Great starter MOBA, good graphics and animations (every auto-attack is smooth like a baby’s butt), while having a very high skill cap.

    • Hehehe on February 26, 2013

      P.S. League is the only MOBA to fix my problem with everything else, which is distinguishing champions from minions. Also, the interface and shop doesn’t give me a headache like HoN does.

  79. Taco Kitty on February 14, 2013

    This game is way to mediocre, and many people only play it to “fit in” with the crowds with those”popular kids”.

  80. Pathog3n on February 9, 2013

    Game is so slow paced and predictable with a low skill cap that I have no clue how it even got so popular… Well maybe I do, It’s an easy game for the casuals.

    • Elesion1337 on February 9, 2013

      Is that such a bad thing ? πŸ™‚

      I am by no means ‘pro’ at the game and definitely not hardcore. I would consider myself somewhat casual, but I enjoy playing LoL and I’m met with a challenge.

      Kinda seems like you’ve got a bit of MOBA snobbery going on there ^-^

    • Blitzcrank on April 23, 2016

      What? I’m assuming you’ve only played garen and kat because try playing someone like azir and you’ll know that there is a high skill cap. If you think all of the above, you clearly haven’t played more than a few hours and learned all the basic strategies.

  81. rakanms on January 30, 2013

    RP and IP

  82. ShadeNexis on January 16, 2013

    I have played LoL since last year in oct as of now im lvl 30 its a great game it really is really fun great graphics co-op vs A.I and even custom games where you can pvp or play bots so you can test out your champions but with that being said there are tons of downsides Alot and I mean ALOT of the champions need re-work and nerfing hard core the community is very much shit when it comes to new players or people having a bad game they all start with there “report so and so” over and over again its not a new player friendly type of game I know once i started and said some “champions” needed nerfing on the forums i got hit with a slew of high lvls throwing there “experince” in my face saying that it was just cause i was new here months later I still say the same thing and now since im 30 people just agree with me its stupid.

    The match ups claim that its close to your skill lvl but when i was around lvl 15 i cant tell you how many 20+ lvl summoners i was going agaisnt and the “leaver buster” system is so flawed its not even funny sometimes the game it self kicks you out and it counts towards the leaver buster system its crap I personally got kicked out of a game for 8 mins when i came back the game let me finish the match and then baned me for 6 days.

    But in all the game is good not for starters go play HON or try DOTA even then come play this game once you get some exp under your belt in the moda games.

    • v1tal on January 22, 2013

      Those “high lvls” are right son, yes there are a few champs that are slightly stronger then others but that’s the game. You need to know the mechanics of every champ and be able to counter it. It does suck in normals where you want to try a new champ but the enemy keeps having the best counter for you.

  83. proexp on January 16, 2013

    Great game, not pay to win, but the community is absolutely terrible. Probably the worst community I’ve ever seen in a game.

    • Aery on January 19, 2013

      I agree. Horrible community and I quit this game 8 monthes ago. Aion’s community is also pretty horrible right now.

      Great games.. trash community. I miss the old day where you can actually group up for quests and have nice chats. now everyone just solo’s or you get used like an old condom for a quest. the second the boss is dead they loot all and run… Maybe I am just having bad luck. In all honesty Pay to play games have way better communities and for this reason I have returned to wow

  84. DoMeeno on January 14, 2013

    Legue of Legends is pretty good game. Especially if you have some friends to play with. Everyone could play deffirent role like tank, dps, support etc. you all cooperate too destroing enemy base. Most of champions are balanced, map is well designed so there is no way to win about picking overpowered champion and dominate game, but you must have strategy, know why you pick this champ. for your team and not the other, knowing why is better build this item etc. etc. As I said before, reffer to your friend, becose with friends on skype, or raidcall, teamspeak etc. real Legue of Legends begings!

  85. Joeeeeyyyyy on January 4, 2013

    LoL is a decently fun free to play MOBA game. If you are looking for a casual/semi-competitive experience I would suggest this game. In my opinion if you are looking for a game with more serious players and strategies I would suggest DotA or DotA 2. The learning curve on DotA is harder because the gameplay mechanics are more punishing (denying creeps, losing gold when you die), but the abilities and items are a lot more straight forward in DotA than LoL. In LoL pretty much every item has some sort of stat boost, a passive, and an active ability, which leads to a lot of confusion and makes it hard to optimize your item build. DotA’s items and abilities make a lot more sense, don’t get me wrong I play both, but I prefer DotA when I’m playing with people who know what they are doing, and if I’m just playing casually with friends that don’t know how to MOBA I’ll play Lol.

  86. Guilherme on January 3, 2013

    Lol is the Best =D

  87. New Gamer on January 2, 2013

    lol is the best moba game in my opinion because there is no last hits and the graphics looks really good.Plus there is lots of balanced champions and they are really fun to try out.

    • wut on April 3, 2013

      No last hits you say
      then how do you get your money?

      • kk on September 24, 2014


    • Fiction on July 27, 2015

      DOTA is the best, LOL suck copy from dota 1

  88. NengminZa on December 28, 2012

    lol is a good game but dota is better in my opinion
    but there is some advantage in lol it works on slow internet while dota laggs in slow internet
    clients i guess

    • Mortwin on February 28, 2015

      I have played Dota 2 2 or 3 times but I like LoL better it has overall good eqeul champs but Dota 2 in it’s respected ways is for the more skilled player yes I was not good at it if you arenew to Mobas I recomend LoL but if you are overall more skilled Dota is your place

  89. qqarmedandready on December 19, 2012

    don’t play this game cuz you won’t be able to leave it

  90. littlecr0w on December 18, 2012

    im not gunna say im a long term vet of LoL or an unstoppable player but i have gotten around the moba world and i say LoL is my favorite im not saying there is nothing wrong but i think its the best and belongs in first place its easy to use addictive and all you could ask for iv only played for a few months nad iv literaly ceased playing all the other moba games i have and when i do try and play them i end up getting bored and switch to LoL i recomend this game to all

  91. kilabizz on December 11, 2012

    this game is awesome !

  92. Sid on December 10, 2012

    Theres a chance that LOL could make it up to where Dota is. Its a newer and like a better version of Dota, plus Its free to play. Thats just in my opinion. πŸ˜›

  93. UberPloober on December 5, 2012

    One of the best mobas out there, it would of been the best game in my books but it’s community sucks and the cash shop ruins it.

    Also once you hit lvl 30, prepare to have an emotional breakdown because of all the games you will lose from leavers,trolls and noobies.

    • bluemew16 on January 14, 2013

      I would love for you to explain how the cash shop ruins the game. Its purely cosmetics, meaning that the cash shop mainly has skins which are only for looks, not affecting game play what so ever. The community thing though is true, there will be a douche here and there but if you find a game with non of them, it becomes a great game.

  94. dddh on November 24, 2012

    the best moba im played

  95. XxkaynexX on November 8, 2012

    i just started playing LoL and funnest game i ever played and i really don’t think u can compare WoW and LoL

  96. Tai tk on October 25, 2012

    Epic game, I love the graphics and the new champs (Even though a few of them have started to becoming broken i.e Darius). Yes the community is repetitive, but you can just ignore them, and if you’ve been getting a lot of trolls,afkers or a-holes lately, you might be in ELO- Hell, which usually occurs between 500- 1200 ELO range.

  97. asdsads on October 22, 2012

    the only bad thing are loading screens, takes ages to get in the game

  98. WhatIsThis? on October 19, 2012

    This is game ok, but the community is garbage. If you are looking for a game where you always lost with troll on your team, this is it. i give it a 3/10 consider how bad Riot do to stop this.

  99. N3g4t1v3 on October 16, 2012

    Lol is a very fun game, my friend introduced it to me a few months ago and ever since then I have been hooked but i honestly think that there are so many pointless arguments and hate because it’s just a different game. People need to open their minds and actually give it a chance, and for people who say it is for noobs, bad community etc. Lol is a game that is easy to learn and hard to master, some of the champs are harder to use, Riot has been making new champions with different play styles, Riot has implemented an honor point feature which was to promote positive behavior and even before that the general community was pretty good (a few people raged, trolled or disconnected and didn’t come back but they were generally ignored), more challenging matches are at higher levels and teamwork is very important in them, the ONLY things you can buy with real money are champions or skins but champions can be bought with the ingame currency so using real money isn’t really needed and skins are purely cosmetic, as long as you have good strategy people having new champs won’t change anything.

    p.s.I’ve played Dota2 and Hon and in my opinion they are alright.

  100. Brulikrax on October 16, 2012

    The game has one big FAIL ant that is the equalization of gaming/connection speeds of all players. In other words – heavy lag. Wot is an example of a game that does something in direction of joyful game play. Another a bit smaller is rather small amount of maps – 3 in total. Gets boring after the first 10 games. Not to mention the false pro-s, if they were as such they could just play ONLY the ranked matches.

    P.S.: LoL is a good game, played it for more than 2 years but the unfriendly community made me quit it.

  101. Dexter on October 9, 2012

    I never played any online game before. I tried LoL after a friend recommended it. Now i play it everyday. I find it really cool to play!

  102. BioChock on October 3, 2012

    hey iam lvl 18 now my friend is lvl 30 iam playing with every assian u could think of but iam realy good shitt at it

  103. Jesterhead1985 on September 23, 2012

    Good game.

    but repetitive after a while.
    leveling your “Summoner” is very slow.
    Many players have latency issues which leaves you a man or two down when the game starts.

  104. kam299 on August 31, 2012

    looks pretty epic…. ima try it πŸ˜›

  105. LapK on August 22, 2012

    The community sucks, my only problem with the community is that lvl 30’s make new accounts to fight new players and proceed to call them terrible. They pretty much make new accounts just to dominate the new players that just started playing. It becomes fun once you get the hang of them game and start learning how to jungle, etc. I know some people that just started only play against bots because they can’t deal with players calling them trash at the game. Only terrible thing is the community from this game.

  106. Numb3r_3 on August 4, 2012

    LoL is a very good game and i would have continued playing it if the community wasn’t that awful!Seriously, every time i played it there were “PROs” who said things like “NOOB”,”go play the tutorial first”,”NUB”,”WTF are u doing”etc.I am not very good at this type of games(MOBA) but WHY THE HELL do they have to call the weak players noobs?!?Frankly for me this is the game with the worst community!!!

    • Bob on August 15, 2012

      Don’t try HoN then.

    • Akihiko on April 21, 2014

      well improve yourself and ignore them……

  107. John on July 31, 2012

    Played this game for a couple years, don’t really know the exact timeframe. The community has steadily gone downhill, which is expected as a game becomes more popular, but the difference here is that Riot has let the community become so volatile while making little to no effort to defuse it. It is more of a pay to win system than other games in the genre, considering you have to play a ridiculous amount of games to get a good champion pool, while other MOBAs don’t give you this disadvantage. They have a “free” system, of course, but it has been heavily nerfed in how easily you can gain Influence Points to promote real money transactions to gain a lead. For quite a while now, they have a system of releasing a new $7 champion every two weeks, and this leads to new players never being able to catch up to older players from before the IP nerf, while ignoring the lesser played champion pool’s balance issues.

    The company has went from a quality service to a quantity service rather quickly, and it shows.

  108. Thomas on July 30, 2012

    terrible game played for a week then couldnt stand the flaming. this community has inherinited the wow veterans who destroyed that game as well. the admins dont ban people i got harrassed by the same person in 4 games because i kept randomly getting him in my matches and he still play even though i got a warning for griefing or some such

    • Shujiko on January 25, 2013

      I have never once gotten the same person in a match, let alone 4 times in a row. Granted this is a post quite a few months later but really? I highly doubt this.

      • Bitch on September 3, 2013

        So, because it hasn’t happened to you that means it can’t happen? I’ve had a few games where someone left and all 10 of the people (the 4 on my team and the 5 enemies) kept on switching back and forth between teams but we all stayed together somehow. After 6 people left and 1 afker, all 10 of us finally got to play a game! Unfortunately we knew each other’s strategies. =P

  109. obama on July 16, 2012

    my fellow americans play this game n learn some real strategy
    it will help us in middle east wars he he…LOL

  110. Pb164 on July 8, 2012

    the game is great.. but you wont be able to get fun from it… the community filled up with trolls, noobs, afkers, feeders, so as soon as you start playing League of Legends for ranked games, you will hate this game… you will get bored so fast.. so DONT EVEN START IT… but game is great

    • i never play ranked, i mean, this is a MOBA and playing ranked with random people always has it’s cons, we all should be nice with people, by myself, i try to tell ppl over there that one cant always be mad becouse you have a “noob” on your team, everyone is trying to learn, everyone is trying to have some fun, everyone was a beginner before, if we can take one minute to recommend someone the best step-to-step learning, i think we all can get a better community, and by “step-by-step learning” i mean, tell the “noob” to start doing the tutorial, and then try playing one or two “Coop vs. AI” and just then, try to get a human vs. human match.

      PD: english is not my native language, so sorry if this isnt quite good

  111. kenny on July 8, 2012

    why is this on the MMORPG section when it’s obviously a MOBA/stratagy more than it is an RPG?

    • Rhaudes on August 3, 2012

      Hi lol. I just don’t like that bug. Otherwise I don’t really enjoy hon at all Way to many trllos. And I though LoL had alot of trllos. Nothing against hon but I Don’t like it personally Had 3 RQ’s my first game _

  112. i used to play DOTA and i think it really needed these :
    1. recall
    2.jungle buffs
    4.Reconect to the game if not done -unlock

  113. Etrius on June 2, 2012

    This is a good game and it deserves a very good score, but like most games its not perfect.

    1. Although having nice graphics some of the character’s look outdated compared to newer ones
    2.Ranked system is completely messed up because even if you win or lose players will get tougher
    3.Player Base can sometimes be very mean.
    4.Game is most of the time very stressful for serious players.

  114. denja on May 24, 2012

    looking at game i was think o this is not for me … but after getting pass the learning part the game got real good..only thing i don’t like about game is not a lot ppl talk .. most of time i just talk about not on the game..and no one talk back ppl are not real friendly on this game so if u look for friends it will not be on this game

  115. benzo on May 23, 2012

    game is fantastic riot do a good job with the balancing and the overall system, but there are too many trolls immature players,bullys, and just people that do things that they know is causing frustration but just dont really care… now this is a team game but the new community which has grown in the last 6 months or 9 months is just crap…. no team play, no1 listns… trolling, leaving,afking the game is broken i have enough time for 3 games every day or maby every 2 days but i spend them at the 20 min gg for my team or the other very rarely do i get a good game because of this trash, thank you diablo you have shown me the path. summary ” new community is trash if you like it make a premade or dont bother with it”

  116. lolmakesmelol on May 12, 2012

    This game absolutely does not deserve the relatively high rating it has on this site.
    * Extremely repetitive
    * Extremely dependent on 4 random teammates
    * The heroes may be new but the gameplay is the same

    Some people may like this style of gaming though.

    It is not a high quality game — having only a ~79% aggregated rating — en.wikipedia.org/wiki/League_of_Legends#Reception — and won no worthwhile awards — gdconlineawards.com/nominee/index.html

    • Skullheart on May 21, 2012

      For one,of course it’s gonna be repetitive,it’s a Moba style game.If you only play one champion or one game mode,then yeah it will be.

      2,it’s not dependent on 4 random teammates cause you can invite your party to a game,which means you can invite your friends.

      As for your last argument,look at the first reply.It’s a Moba style game.It doesn’t matter which Moba style game you play,it will be repetitive.

    • Huer on October 24, 2014

      Sooo true, after you play if for a while it does get really repetitive, its not p2w tho wich is nice.

  117. Makeitso on March 16, 2012

    Terrible community, rank system is a joke [You start from the borderline and see how much mental pressure you may be able to take), buying skins has no benefits, rages/leavers/feeders/trolls at their peak compared to other games and leaves a great deal of questions such as: “Why must one solo an entire team in order to carry oneself in a co-op based game? and “Why does riot and the opposition team SUPPORT trolls?” To be frank, this game is not skill nor it is a co-op based game, UNLESS you make a ranked 5 team.

    Best game? Hardly.

    • Numot on March 18, 2012

      Are you on drugs? I have played this game since it came out. You are a falt out lier. The cummunity, yes it has its trolls but have you looked around lately? Every game has them. This is the only game where you find no hackers, all the trolls get banned, and the gms do things the players ask them to do. We asked for a new, better support champion. Lulu is that new champion and she is due to be rleased next week. I have never once seen a game do exactly what its players wanted. LoL has a 5 million dollar season 2 tournament prize pool. You can see the best fight it out live almost every weekend and you can learn from it if you are smart enough too.

      And yes, skins have no benefit, if you want skins to be more than a skin then don’t play LoL you pay to win scurb.

      Best game, 32 million players and counting. Guess the guy above is from HoN.

  118. Rockmeo on February 23, 2012

    if you are below 20 years old i recomend this , if you live in nortamerica , i do recomend this , otherwise its rly a crap game πŸ™‚ becaise of the racisism from the tribual , masive bannig to other people , currently undergoing a few demands because of racisim πŸ™‚

  119. Adriano on December 25, 2011

    This game is fantastic! All of the champions (well, most of them) are very balanced, which makes games incredibly fun! They require cooperation and teamwork, and are very rewarding. The graphics are very good and the game play is balanced and fun. This is easily one of the best f2p MMOs out there, and for good reason. I highly recommend it!

    Thanks for reading! πŸ˜€

  120. Troubleman on November 29, 2011

    This is one of the better DOTA clones, with a streamlined item system, which is easy to take for granted. Its graphics are medium, but at the same time pretty easy to use without a high end system.

    Major problem is economy. Its Fremium. the game is free download and play but the champions that you use are not. Some are cheap and only require little effort to get, but most require upwards of weeks of “grinding” game to get or between $5-10 cash each. Some of the Cosmetic skins cost $20, yeah.

    If you want to play, bring money, otherwise you will be stuck in an unoffical trial mode.

    • RedblueGreen on April 6, 2012

      That is quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever read about league of legends. Most games with cash shops truly ruin their game; because unless you put up money you are at a disadvantage during the normal game play.

      HOWEVER, League of Legends ONLY allows you to pay money for a cosmetic skin or a specific champion. Neither of which in any way will “enhance” your ability to play the game, or you an advantage over players who do not spend money on League. EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER is purchasable via “money” earned by simply playing their free game. However the cosmetic skins are only purchasable with real money. The skins do not in any way change your players skills or add as advantage- simply for looks.

      No one character can really be said to be better than any other, they are simply played differently. Not only that but League Rotates a group of 10 free/available to play characters every week, incase you have not already bought them with the “in-game-cash”. “unoffical trial mode” Rofl.

      In short, If you so choose to spend money it gives you no advantage over any other person in the game. And in my humble opinion, comparing the cash shop to other game’s cash shop, calling Leagues cash shot a “major problem” is an outright disgrace.

    • lol what? on December 28, 2014

      I don’t get in the slightest why people constantly label it as a pay to win game. Sure, you can shortcut a small amount of work by paying a few dollars, but paying does IN NO WAY equate to having more wins. All champions are possible to be bought with *free* ip from playing games, and the ip prices aren’t insane; highest they go normally is 6300, not much at all if you work towards that goal. Once you have your champion for ip you can win just as much as someone who bought the same champion for real money. That’s not what a pay-to-win means.

  121. qzPrime on November 28, 2011

    I joined this game like 1 year ago and i kept playing it almost daily with my friends and we have a lot of fun during the games

    • Capatin on January 28, 2012

      I appreciate you taking to time to cnotritbue That’s very helpful.

  122. Cm Punk on November 28, 2011

    This game is worst game i ever played

    • pffff nonsense on August 6, 2012

      You obviously haven’t played A game then.

    • agaptos on November 25, 2012

      dude take your time to learn the game..the fun is when u can actually do the kill…being a starter/noob is not a reason to stop playing…

  123. Keckora on November 9, 2011

    Ok this game is GREAT!!! I mean it. I’ve spent so much time looking for good free games to play online and this is by far the best one i’ve played. It’s hugely popular and the gameplay is very skill oriented. It wont the golden joystick for best free game this year, so you know it’s good. I’ts not Pay2Win either like most F2P game out there. The only thing real money can buy that the free currency can’t is expierence boosts, IP boosts, (IP is free money that you get from every match), and Skins for your champions. Generally they put out 2 new champions every month, I think currently there are 85 champions i want to say? And of course champions are just the different characters you can play. But yeah definitely worth checkin out if your into the MOBA or competitive gaming scene. The graphics aren’t great but the game more than makes up for that in gameplay and how smooth everything runs. TRY IT!

  124. MrKein on October 13, 2011

    if YOU LIKE dota and you are a good player try dotalicious no leavears but you must be a really good player for this
    aa and i cant wait for dota 2 to come

  125. A game for Gods on September 13, 2011

    This game is great! The collection of people you can play is large and you never really have to spend real money. The only place you use real money is to either buy Skins for your character or buy ex upgrades (stuff that helps you level). The only thing I would say is that no one should play this if they do not have up to 1 and a half hours (maybe 2) hours of playtime because matches will last that long.

  126. frosty on July 19, 2011

    Not buying sorry πŸ˜€ FREE!

  127. frosty on July 19, 2011

    Love this game, Worth buying ive played since beta and dont ever look back!

    • Daniela on April 4, 2012

      I don’t recall Warcraft 3 being $60.. Then again, it’s been an cbiredinly long time and I got TFT for free.But, the majority of games on PC has been $50 while their console versions are $60. Starcraft 2 caused such a rage because it was one of the very few games on PC costing the same as a console game and being split into 3 separate games, unlike SC.After that, we started seeing quite a few AAA games following the $60 trend.Nowadays, I buy indie games, for hopefully obvious reasons.

  128. Luis on July 9, 2011

    Great game, very easy to learn, and very beginner friendly. The game has an huge community and vast information about the gameplay (champions, builds, abilities, etc) can be found with little effort when googling in the format of videos and tutorials.

    The best part is that it’s for free, although you can buy the real money currency which gives you some bonuses, although also doesn’t give unfair advantage/disadvantage in game.

    If you’re just looking for an Online game different from MMORPGs and/or FPS with a large community this is definitely worth a try.

  129. LeagueOLegendsKinggg on July 9, 2011

    If you guys have played Dota in warcraft 3 then u guys can definitely play this game. Not only is their a progress where u gain Levels as a summoner. Also the gameplay is way better than dota. Get this game now but practice a little if your new vs the computer bots then play real games.

    • LeagueOfIdiots on June 15, 2012

      ur really gona compare LoL to dota….WTF how can u compare dota gameplay against LOL when dota is a custom made game on Wc3. Wow stupid little kids. Make a more senses comparison before you compare dota to any MOBA game. Let alone dota was f**** badass and is still is “for a custom game” it still kick LoL

      • Defence of The Apes on June 21, 2012

        It’s quite funny that you talk like a little kid. There’s a huge difference between “You’re” and “Your”. illiterate much?

      • kids and adult-kids on July 30, 2012

        Seems that u dont like kids behavior, so well, i think that you should start to act as an adult, i mean, he just said that for him, LoL is better than DotA. So what? Are you gonna insult everyone that has a diferent opinion than you?
        To me, YOU are the kid here, immature sir.

        PD: my apologies if my english isn’t good enough, my native language is still spanish.

        • agaptos on November 25, 2012

          troll heads…LoL is a good game I mean its a GREAT game. It has a much easier learning curve, and supporting noob will encourage them to help you. If you yell and scream at them just because they can’t decide what to do during a gangbang, you’re the di*k….you’re the f**king noob, as the summoner’s code says, be an honourable player…graceful in defeat but humble in victory. During my matches, I call out to them and ask them for assist and I give them chances to do the final blow…they get excited and keep up their game…plus if anyones a di*k in the game just report them at the end…no big deal…summoner’s code…to victory!!!

        • Sheno on January 11, 2013

          Did you know that DotA is a MOBA, just like League? Games like RPGs and Shooters will be compared to RPGs and Shooters. MOBAs will be compared to MOBAs.

      • Gerry1721 on July 13, 2013

        you are right MOBAgames are stuped to play and spend time on it

      • Lulu on November 19, 2014

        DOTA fanboys are some of the most toxic people I’ve seen since Pewdiepie fangirls…say one bad thing about it, and they blow up.

      • halocjh on January 17, 2015

        a couple thin I have played both but to tell you league is better do I need to say anything else?

  130. ValdekPT on July 3, 2011

    This game is “da” BEST GAME i ever played.
    I played it once and now i’m playing it again, so… you guys can see how addicting the game can be.

  131. N0tnl on June 22, 2011

    This is a great, and i mean GREAT game I’ve had it before i even went to this website. I highly recommend this and Defense of the Ancients (DotA) from Warcraft III But this is a free online game and i highly recommend it *****

  132. Crusio on June 1, 2011

    I’ve played this game for over 19 months now, and played over 1500 games.

    The game is very fun if you group up with your friends and play πŸ˜› even if you lose, all that matters is that you would have fun, and this game gives plenty of fun, almost unlimited fun, but beginners ruin the game… even tho they are max level, they still suck and feed and then leave.

    • chiachichang on April 29, 2013

      really? not all beginners ruin the game and if you actually have played for 19 months than I hope you know what the summoners code is and I hope you actually follow it and instead of calling on the beginners you help them. Most beginners that I meet try there best and don’t feed but they try there best

      unlike some *cough cough* trolls who are typically *cough cough* 30 who rage quit because they don’t know how to give a tip or help.

  133. BananaMyth on May 16, 2011

    This game is the best you will never find anything better even pay to play games

  134. Galderis on April 4, 2011

    I love League of Legends. Although leavers and “feeders” might ruin your match quickly. Overall the game is one of my favorites.

  135. Madwall on April 3, 2011

    Very good game with a lot of content and updates, easier to learn then DOTA and a lot of different characters to try out.

    • sparki56 on July 5, 2012

      to be more precise it has exactly 100 characters soon.

      • saver summuner on April 27, 2014

        on April 2014 i state that:
        1-league’s game play got changed to better on the patch 4.1
        2-league has 112~115 champions (didn’t count well)
        3-that the community get ALOT better as you progress on the scale
        4-bronze tiered people (from I to V) are called the worst players in the whole game
        5-some people actually play good in bronze

  136. Noxtus on March 19, 2011

    As a long time DOTA player i like this game alot though i miss the tons of heroes from dota but i lost my warcraft 3 activation code when i got a new computer so i cant play the game anymore and this game is super fun so…yea…anyways you also have to take into consideration that the creators of DOTA made pretty much no profit so now that they have made this game they still are ungreedy and the game is very playable without spending money at all…though i recommend you spend money just to support the game. the staff are very in game active and their are updates all the time….its a fun game and its free so if you dont like it just uninstall…im not suprised if this game will be up there with WoW in not too long because for anyone who hasnt played warcraft 3 its filled with DOTA custom games…

    • Joe on June 7, 2011

      It will never be “up there” with WoW.

      • Jordan on August 30, 2011

        ummm, you’re a failure because LoL has over 15 million players, which is waaaay more than WoW has, League is the highest played free game right now

        • denis on November 6, 2011

          that’s right, but a lot of people get bored of playing it bcs there is like half of
          ppl n00bs

          • BJ on December 11, 2011

            same counts for wow.. lots of people left

        • sPiN on April 20, 2012

          As of December 2011, World of Warcraft had over 10.2 million subscribers
          As of November 2011, League of Legends had over 32 million registrations
          (took from wikipedia, sources are there)


          • MeNoob on July 9, 2012

            That, sir, i understand.

            But registering and subscribing are different.

          • brian on January 4, 2013

            you know anyone can post what they want on wikipedia

          • ChikenDinner on February 19, 2013

            32 million registrations.. for a FREE game or …

            10.2 million subscribers making $15 a month… i think WoW has the upper hand in profit here..

          • olberg2 on June 17, 2013

            hah πŸ˜€
            same is like runescape have 200+ registrations and runescape is dying πŸ˜€

            you are comparing wrong things :S

          • Sean on July 8, 2013

            Its not about profit. its about being a better game. out lawyerd.

          • a guy on October 9, 2013

            “had” not “has”

        • MyNameIsYourName on June 15, 2012

          LoL are you sure about that, because i know I had made alots of referrals just for IP boost and IP points. I don’t mind skins at a cost but for champions and new champion let alone runes mastery cost to damn much.sry noway. It’s not my fault they have a referral system to get free points. I know i an’t the only one trolling on referrals but 15million player goes a long way to be true counting my 100+ referrals. Highest FTP game yes but Wc3 dota was the highest played free custom game.

          • bluemew16 on January 14, 2013

            I believe those referrals will only work if that account has reached level 30. Once it does the person you refereed to will get the award. I might be wrong on this though, so idk.

        • Lessien on March 23, 2013

          WoW isn’t free to play..

      • mario on June 2, 2013

        well 2 years later is way over dota

      • rany on March 10, 2014

        it is perfect game i wouldn’t leave it ever

    • denis on November 6, 2011

      i love it bcs you show your skill not just geeking and farming

    • qazi on March 9, 2014

      the first moba game was on the apple it was called heroes of order and chaos.

      • Max on May 2, 2014

        Really? Wow, I never knew that, I thought it came after all the others.

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