Since Riot Games announced plans for the Eternals stat tracking system for League of Legends last year, players have been voicing concerns about how the whole thing will work. As a result, the dev team has decided to put off the release of the system while reworking the system.

In a post published earlier this week, the LoL team announced some new goals for the system while taking the time to better explain what Eternals are intended for and how they’ll work. Eternals — which will be released in series and are purchased using RP — not only track stats but also give players ways to celebrate or show off when they’ve reached a certain goal. In each series, players will have three achievable Eternals per champion. They can be seen by other players and will pop up a notification once the criteria for completion have been met. Kills and other stats are tracked as well and are viewable by other players.

So, what exactly is being changed with this delay? Effectively, Riot is looking at modifying three things based on feedback. They’re creating better stats to track, ways for players to earn Eternals without spending RP, and providing RP discounts to players who have broader champion collections so that they can earn Eternals on all their characters without spending too much. That last bit involves the creation of a Series Pass that when bought saves the player around 90% of what they’ll spend in RP when buying each one individually.

The full plan for changes is fairly detailed, so those interested in taking part in them will want to look at the information on the League of Legends site. You can also get a shorter rundown on the whole thing in the video below.

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