I may not be a League of Legends player, but I am certainly here for their cinematic trailers. They’re always a good watch. The latest trailer was created as a teaser for the new competitive season.

Titled “Awaken,” the trailer features a song by Valerie Broussard. It’s the story of resistance and coming together.

Of course, rather than me describing it to you, you can just watch the entire thing below.

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  1. iBrick on January 25, 2019

    If they spent the same amount of money they do with animation to hire a proper balance team, I wouldn’t have quit the game.

  2. rickshaw on January 21, 2019

    They’ll be lawsuits soon for looklikes now there are lawsuits for stupid dance moves.

    • ninetenduh on January 23, 2019

      Oh we already had that, remember? Apple sueing Samsung because their tablet had Round Corners? We are done with that, now people sue each other over things that hold no Copyright or Trademark or even Patent at all, like Dance Moves, soon someone will Sue the world for using a “.”, mark my words, it will happen.