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League of Legends developer Riot Games is looking at the possibility of adding LGBT characters to their popular MOBA at some point in the future. However, they don’t want to force it.

Polygon spoke with the game’s design director Greg Street and asked if there would be any point where non-straight characters would be created for the game. This question was partially prompted by the somewhat recent reveal of Overwatch’s Tracer as a lesbian.

Street responded by saying that Riot “owe[s] it to the players and […] to the world to do something like that.” However, he notes that he’d rather not do it in a force way, adding he’s “sure [they’ll] do it at some point” but that doesn’t know what character or when.

According to the article, when it does happen, it will probably be via storytelling outside the game.

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  1. I am a gay member of this community and I agree that this matter shouldn’t be forced into the game. Being a LGBT supporter I believe that representation is needed but can be gone about in a different manner. Being gay is not the most important characteristic in any person this is normally overshadowed by many other things that drives a person which are much more important, while adding this portion to a characters back story may benefit some I believe that we should begin in a way that supports a normal beginning just as well a any.

  2. I don’t think they will add LGBT characters since that could result into the game being banned in many countries for spreading LGBT propaganda, like Overwatch was.

  3. I mean… do what you like… but why is this even a subject in gaming? What does it matter what gender or sexual preference you are when you’re playing something that quite frankly is already ambiguous and anonymous. Males play female characters and vice versa…. unless the story of the character blatantly tells you that they’re a straight biological female… how do you even know the characters aren’t already LGBT related?

  4. Why People from LGBT deserve so much publicity? Do what you want with your life i dont care but dont go on the streets yelling your heart out that you are gay or a tran. we dont care!
    BTW i am not in any way of form saying that i am a homophob i just think that LGBT community doesnt deserve so much media attention if any.

  5. It saddens me to see how ignorant the gaming community can be. Most comments clearly come from people who don’t know a thing about the subject.

    • Most people don’t know a thing about the subject they all claim it’s a mental illness even though it isn’t. It’s why it’s been a huge problem for most people in the united states to accept it. It also saddens me how alot of the gaming community online assumes your from the united states and gotta abide by the 12 admendments. Not everybody online lives in the united states and just because your online doesn’t mean the united states admendments apply I do know that.

      • So everyone who disagrees with you is wrong? Typical behavior from ignorant people.

        There is not a single 100% proven biological cause for homosexuality and it is proven that childhood trauma can result in homosexuality at later ages but it’s still unknown why (probably some kind of stockholm syndrome).

        The idea is, why advertise something that we do not know for sure what it is to an audience of under 18 year old? That’s just not morally justifiable.

      • I never said everyone who disagrees with me is wrong. But there are no proven facts that childhood trauma can result in homosexuality at later ages that’s just what people say when they can’t accept that LGBT is now accepted it’s 2017 now it’s not the 1950s. But it’s the developers choice if they want this genre in their game not the playerbase’s if you don’t like it then don’t play it. They even said it might not even be in the main story so it’s obvious you didn’t even bother reading the article. All I’ll say is your either born LGBT or your not. You just can’t flip the switch every other day it’s just not how it works. And your probably a trump supporter and want gay marriage repealed and want americas laws applied world wide. Well here’s the sad news like I said not everyone online lives in america they don’t want to go by your laws otherwise they would be living in your country and going by your amendments by now so suck it up because there’s no proven facts that childhood trauma can result in homosexuality and there never will be because it’s just rumors to prevent it from being accepted.

      • I never said everyone who disagrees with me is wrong. And no childhood trauma does not cause someone to become homosexual in their later years those type of rumors are all made up by people to try to prevent society from accepting LGBT. If you don’t like what league of legends is doing then don’t play the game it’s 100% up to the devs if they want it not your choice. And they even said they might not add it in the main story if your complaining about that you obviously didn’t read the article silly troll.

        • No need to debate with me on homosexuality, the facts are out there. And the facts are that there is no known biological cause for homosexuality.

          People like you are the reason why LGBT is being looked down on, you can’t even accept that a small number of people can turn gay due to being sexually abused by older men, and that’s a minority of homosexuals, it’s definitely not the main cause but you’re obviously too close-minded to accept reasonable facts and choose to throw words around like “troll”.

          And yeah, Riot can do whatever they want with their game and if we don’t like it we will stop playing, that’s what everyone is saying. If Riot will push propaganda in favor of homosexuality we will stop playing. (By “we” I mean people who don’t want games to be sjw safespaces.)

  6. What do you even mean by this? We already have representatives of the LGBT community – Ezreal, Taric… Come on now.

    • This still isn’t a mental illness like I’ve told many trolls and ignorant people before you but feel free not to play their game if you dislike it so much. It’s your call buddy but I strongly recommand you research your opinion before calling out stuff that isn’t true but I guarentee you that the LGBT community isn’t a mental illness.

      • Pretty sure it is. People aren’t born gay, they become gay. There is no gay gene. Also injecting children and mentally ill adults with hormones to be something they’re not is dangerous. Keep enabling the mental illness, you’re doing more harm than good.

  7. That’s bullshit. I don’t play LoL, but if I did, I would play it for the character’s skill and overall game play, not their back story.

    We live in the pussy age right now, where the politically correct social justice warriors wanna kiss ass and want everyone with them to kiss ass as well. This is just a fad that will go away in a few years, because normal people are sick with retarded uneducated millenials arguing about things the don’t understand and when this goes away, people will be left with all those useless efforts of creating a safe space for those idiots that no one needs anymore.

  8. I could really careless what anyone’s sexuality is as long as it is not forced on me. That being said in a game that puts no emphasis on sex…what’s the point. Its purely to say look what we did we are socially unbiased please don’t sue us. Sexuality is unimportant it is a side note in who you are alot of lbgt community make it everything and thats where they lose people. They make small issues huge and impose themselves on other people like game devs and then get mad if there beliefs do not match. They say be who you want to be…as long as you believe like us otherwise you are a this or a that. Pushing sex into thing that have nothing to do with it is a fast way to lose your fans base. Sex is not everything no one cares if a character wants to have sex with a rock or identifies as a lobster. No one cares so dont bring it up. You dont see them doing it for the straight ones.

  9. So i can finally “gay” players and blame it on their characters so no ban? awwwwwww. Now make Polish ones too so i can get away with insulting them too.

    • I wasn’t gonna say anything but I wanna just say this. So just because they are making a character or two apart of the LGBT community it means riot games is failing now? Lmao please kid if you hate it then quit if you don’t then shush and play the game no one cares what you think. They even said they might not put it in the main story and it won’t be forced into the game haven’t you read the article? I’m sure you didn’t and I’m sure you just another trump supporter.

      • Kid… Trump supporter…
        Like jeez calm down with your accusations. Like I am from Europe and ofc didn’t vote for anyone. But as I am interested what is happening in america from what I see it’s Hilarys supported using violence against those who just voted for trump. Trump was never against gays or immigrants. So now there is huge drama about nothing and false accusations on anyone who disagrees.

        I am fine with anyone being gay and so on. But in my eyes it’s mental illness as someone above said. Unless something happened at birth and for example a boy was born but inside maybe he developed something what would a girl have so he kind of feels like a girl. Thats understandable and is fine.

        So in games like LoL these things should be like slightly hinted to be no or yes. Not just put a gay or a lesbian because we need to appease the community. Like why does this need to be in the game? You get a character with some backstory from then you can kind use your imagination. Like Vi would like Cait,Jarvan would like Shyvana as few examples. But no let’s put a character and officially label him as gay. Nothing good comes out of games doing that.

  10. So implement stereotypical LGBT characters to appeal to the ultra liberal crowd?

    This game isn’t about sex, it’s idiotic to add this to the game.

    Who’s to say that some of the already existing characters aren’t straight, it isn’t explicitly nor implicitly implied for most of them.

  11. I’m still wondering why do people, developers, have the necessity to implement such things in gaming. Is like implementing Catholicism/’insert religion here’ into a game and force feed it to your player base. Often @starbucks you see this random dude with lingerie, like he was looking for attention, stop wearing lingerie games… you’re just a freaking game.

    • Some stories you can make pretty interesting games out of this topic believe it or not but for MMOS I gotta agree it’s just not necessary to implement this. But It’s their game they have the right to do this if you don’t like it then don’t play it.

  12. Watch out for the gamers who get mad over this decision lmao. But it’s their game they should have full say for what they want with it but I agree with everything what the design director said it shouldn’t be forced possibly like a smooth transition into the genre so it doesn’t make the gamers upset because this is a sensitive topic or at least it is in the USA…


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