LEAP Players Have The Chance To Be Immortalized In Game In The 'Be The Best' Event

Players will have multiple chances to win.

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Have you ever loved a video game so much that you wish you could be a part of it? Well, now you kind of can! In LEAP’s "Be the Best" event, players will be able to join PVP matches throughout the week of September 7 - 14 for a chance to win and add their name, mercenary skin of choice, and a short catchphrase into LEAP.

As mentioned, the first-place prize will consist of an in-game banner that will be displayed on one of the in-game maps and will be a permanent fixture in the game. Mercenaries will have 7 chances to win, so if they don’t win the first match, they are more than welcome to try again. There will be an EU and US East server to accommodate the two most active player bases.

Be the Best Tournament Dates and Times are as follows:

• Wednesday September 7 - 4pm EST - US East

• Thursday September 8 - 11am EST EU and 4pm EST US East

• Friday September 9 - 11am EST EU and 4pm EST US East

• Monday September 12 - 11am EST EU and 4pm EST US East

• Tuesday September 13 - 11am EST EU and 4pm EST US East *two winners in our last match

Regardless if players win or lose, they can still receive 2500c to buy guns, decals, and skins in the Black Market, so why not give it a try?

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