In just two short days, Leauge of Legends will be kicking off the new space-themed Odyssey event, which includes a new PvE mode for players to try out. The event, which is apparently pretty heavily Guardians of the Galaxy inspired, (Riot even brought Dab Abnett, writer of the original Guardians reboot comic, into the project.) features a special PvE mode titled Odyssey: Extraction.

The mode will be available in five difficulty levels ranging from Intro to Onslaught. It even features a special augment system that lets players unlock skills for the mode before hopping in.

As always, the new update includes special skins for players to buy. Or, if you’d like something a little more tangible, Riot’s also offering players who complete the Intro difficulty of Extraction the chance to purchase a special Morning Star jacket and some spiffy toys.

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  1. If they actually add a new map for this PVE rather than adding random bs to one of their previous maps like they do for every “special event” i might actually give this a try. League in 2018, lmfao.


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