When Legends of Aria‘s next patch hits, Citadel Studios intends for it to add something new for every kind of player — whether they’re all about PvP, PvE, or that in-depth crafting life. Included in the update will be the introduction of Seasons, Chaos Zones, and Arc Quests. By now, most online gamers are familiar with the idea of Seasons, and this is pretty much what you’d expect. Players complete various kinds of repeatable content ranging from crafting and harvesting to PvE or Chaos Zones and unlocks monthly rewards.

Speaking of Chaos Zones, these are effectively new PvP zones. When entering them, players become “chaotic” — signified by an orange name over their head. In this zone, players that would normally be subject to skill loss for their activities are protected and can attack others in the zone without repercussions.

The third addition, Arc Quests, will offer player multi-part quest chains that will send them all over New Celeador. Once an Arc Quest is completed players are rewarded with unique collectible items to show off.

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