As we all know by now, Gamescom is going to be an all-digital affair this year — thanks to covid-19 and the resulting ban on major events in Germany. While the gaming and general geek community have adjusted to the whole digital event thing fairly easily, it does tend to put a kink in some of the more social things that usually occur during these conventions. For instance… developer hosted parties and meetups.

Every year, Hi-Rez Studios — and all the companies under its umbrella — host these kinds of events for players. Since they can’t do that this year, they’ve decided to try to make up for it with in-game events. So far, they’ve posted events for Smite and Paladins. In both cases they begin on Thursday, August 27 and end on Sunday, August 30.

For Smite players, the company is hosting a 3x worshipers event as well as offering digital goodies such as the ‘Globetrotter’ title and an exclusive avatar to players for free. In Paladins, players are being treated to a 2x Battle Pass XP event and will be given the title ‘Seasoned Globetrotter’.

No announcements have been made for Rogue Company or Realm Royale as of yet. But seeing as one is a completely new game and the other hasn’t had any major news posts in about seven months, it seems likely there won’t be.


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