About the game:
Title: SMITE
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MOBA
Developer: Hi-Rez Studios
Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios

SMITE is a third person MOBA published by Hi-Rez Studios. Unlike other MOBAs, SMITE places the camera in a third person perspective behind the god. This allows for a unique playing experience since a player can only view what is in front of them, allowing an enemy to sneak up from behind for a gank. Players must also use the mouse to manually aim all their abilities and auto attacks.

In SMITE players choose a God to enter battle with. Once in game, players must work together to level up and defeat the enemy team’s Minotaur by engaging in battle with it and killing it. To do this players must kill the enemy teams “minions” which spawn in waves throughout the entire game. These minions drop gold which players can then use to purchase items in order to become stronger. Players can also purchase active abilities (up to two) in-game to further customize and adapt to the match at hand.

At the end of each match whether your team wins or looses, you are rewarded points that you can use to purchase new gods. Save enough and unlock them all!

Explosive Features:

  • Third Person MOBA
  • Unique Item System.
  • All Skill Shot abilities.

News and Updates

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Featured Video

System Requirements

SMITE Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Althon X2 2.7 GHz
Memory Ram: 2 GB
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB of free disk space
Video Card: ATI or Nvidia graphics card with 512MB video ram or better and Shader Model 3.0+ support. (ATI Radeon 3870 or higher, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or higher)

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SMITE is a third person MOBA published by Hi-Rez Studios. Unlike other MOBAs, SMITE places the camera in a third person perspective behind the god. This allows for a unique playing experience since a player can only view what is in front of them, allowing an enemy to sneak up from behind for a gank. Players must also use the mouse to manually aim all their abilities and auto attacks.

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  1. I would like to win Osiris because not only am I very much interested in the whole Egyptian belief system and the artefacts that are uncovered there, choosing this character skillfully conceals, whilst not drawing attention to, any divinations, (see what I did there?), regarding my stance and/or any participation by myself when it comes to any sexist behaviour 😉

  2. I played this game for most of last year and ended up quitting due to balance problems and the toxic community.

    Decided i’d give it another try while i wait for gigantic to be released and the game now is worse than it has ever been before

    -The community is as dumb as it will ever get now, and by that i mean they dont even know how to play moba’s but rather than try to learn or take advice they just want to bm and blame others and its like this basically every match now. You have to play gods that can carry 4 ppl or you have to expect to lose every match now.
    -The game is dying, my average que time in normal (not league) matches is 3-5 minutes. Sometimes it goes to 10 minutes and if someone doesnt join it restarts. I’ve literally sat waiting to get into a game for up to 20 minutes before.
    -Servers are unplayable, my entire month back in the game there wasnt a single day i went with no server issues, basically every match someone or everyone would get hard lag or ppl would be dc’d
    -HiRez is still as shady as ever and supporting toxic behavior. I had 1 match against a hirez employee since i came back who literally was supporting a player on our teams toxic behavior and pushing him to continue it. Not that i should have been surprised

    • Game is dying…hear that on every game ever from cry babies…yet Smite is actually growing.
      My Queue Time is between Instant-3minutes depending on when I queue. 20minute queue means there was something wrong with you, 10minutes is the longest I have ever waited in a ranked match which again was super late when there are not many people on.
      The “community” is the same as every other community as you will always have people that BM and troll no matter when you go on the internet on any game unless you want to go play Dora the Explorer by yourself.
      I have D/C’d from the game 2 times in the 3 years I have played Smite.

      • Most Multiplayer Games online are complete chao stay away from those garbage low down people who sit there and do the same behavior over and over again. They are no fun to social with those people.

    • 17,931 playing at the moment (through Steam, lot of people play through without Steam too).
      Game dying? I dont think so, OK if we compare with the 1 million active players of DOTA2 or League of Legend this game is dying, but if you compare any game with those two games every game in the world is dying, except WoW of course.

  3. As my name states: Rest in Peace every MOBA game! It was nice playing with you all, these games were great, but it is time for them to die. The good old balance is no longer here… The good ideas were turned into s**t and parodies of themselves. The three of the greatest MOBAS: DotA2, League of Legends, and SMITE are soon to die, and don’t say that the games are alive, they are dead. Only noobs or people who wasted so much money onto these games. It all started with one idea: “Aeon of Strife, a Starcraft 2 mod. After it came Defence of the Ancients, or DotA1 if you may call it, a Warcraft 3 mod. Then these three games began to develop.” After a few years of running, it is time to put these games to rest. They were the three kings of the MOBA market, but now the market is about to die. It will remain for some time, because the developers still want their games to live, but they no longer succeed in doing so. DotA2 Reborn is horrible now, it is unbalanced, and it no longer have that perfect meta of 2013 before the TI3. League of Legends’ developers are just trying to survive, because the game is no longer appealing. and SMITE, were always horrible, good idea, but it followed the Pay To Truly Play of the League, so not a lot of people wanted to get into the game. I have played all 3 games, for a good amount of time, but it is sad to realize that these games which started the new generation of MOBA games, the three kings, are soon will be dead. I am off to the DotA1 and Aeon of Strife! Just let these games to die, they are no longer worth your time!

  4. Smite could be a great game, in fact its one of the better games….. except. There is a lot of problems with smite that are constantly being hidden by its toxic community.

    1.) Balance – HiRez has never figured out how to balance smite. Since forever hunters have always reigned supreme over every other god due item imbalances that offer them insane amounts of damage. For example: A hunter can do more damage with a basic attack than some mages can do with their abilities? Balanced? No. It’s now even led to having hunters play mages spots in conquest making many of them obsolete. The game also strongly follows a meta, where players all use the same items and the same gods for matches because they are the best ones to use. Its not because they enjoy those gods its literally just because they are far superior to the others.

    2.) Community – MOBA’s all have toxic communities their is no doubt about it. However Smite has slowly pushed its way above the rest in vileness. Someone actually hacks smite and you have video proof to support the accusation? Too bad, the entire community will literally jump on your ass, spam you with reports, and accuse of being scum for believing that anyone can hack an online game and then they proceed to defend the hacker and try to convince HiRez they did nothing wrong. On top of this HiRez encourages BM (bad mouthing) against players and also encourages smurfing. Obviously smurfs will exist everywhere but for the game developers to say “hey we want you seasoned vets to go play new players so that you can beat them so badly they quit within a week and if you do this we will reward you with gems, favor, and special skins” is ridiculous and yes this does happen. Then you have the intelligence of this community. Forums for example are the prime source to see the IQ of Smites community. Someone can bring up an issue with a gods skill and the community somehow reads it as a “cry” thread about the OP losing a match (even if they were playing the god with the broken skill and won).

    HiRez – They started smite as a small group and it showed a lot of potential. They have now grown a lot more so they can handle smite better. The problem is even with the increase in staff; smite is not changing for the better. In fact i’ll go as far as to say smite has gotten worse since they increased their staff. They dont know how to do balance, and they dont care about how toxic their game is getting. On top of that if you look at their history; their games do not live for long. This is year 2 of smite meaning it might have 1 or 2 more before its dead or before they abandon it as well to move on to their next game.

    If your a preteen kid or not smart enough to tie your own shoe then you’ll fit right in to this game. If your looking for a good MOBA experience and possess any bit of intelligence then you’ll have a better time in LOL or DOTA.

    *I’ve played Smite for 2 years with few breaks in that time. My review is from personal experience in the game*

  5. The same company that ditched Tribes Ascend after it extracted all the money it could from the players. Also did the same with global agenda. The client you install runs on your computer even when you arent playing and runs spyware. fyi

  6. LoL and Dota feel so slow and just downright boring I’ve never enjoyed either of them.
    If you feel the same way then Smite is probably for you.
    Smite is face paced 3rd person moba and that makes it so much more enjoyable for me.

  7. This game is an exact copy of LoL but just that it has the camera in 3rd person cos as soon as I saw that description I couldnt stop laughing. you have to kill the “minions” and the only thing they changed was that you had to attack a minotaur which was just so then gamers wouldnt think it was an exact copy of Lol

    • Are you serious? Minions going down lanes is a core mechanic of MOBA’s. That’s like saying Dead Space is a copy of Battlefield because they both have guns in them. Please go be a retarded LoL fan boy somewhere else.

    • My Retard-o-lert is going off right now. In fact, it’s having some higher reading then I’ve ever seen before.

      Name 1 MOBA that doesn’t use minions, towers, and a nexus/core/base. DOTA? LOL? HOTS? SMITE? SoaDA?? CHO? MWW? TOME? I could list many more. Minions is a core part of every MOBA. There is also no such thing as an original idea this late in life; so literally anything that ever will be done will be unoriginal.

      What’s wrong with taking the idea anyways? It’s fun, it’s enjoyable, people like it. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

      Now please stop making an ass out of the human race, and just sit in your corner quietly, before you make us look dumber than a sack of rocks.

      • Thank you, I was reading this and I was about to give up on the human race, Its a friggin MOBA, clearly they all have the same objective. If anything, League copied of DOTA, Smite actually developed without any influence of other MOBA, it was meant to be for another game called Tribes but they decided to make it into a game by itself unlike League which was literately made as a better copy of DOTA

  8. I really love this game. I was playing LoL before, but now I can’t playit again because is it so slow and 3rd person is better for me. Smite is big action and adrenalin. I am just amateur but I can recommend it.

    • Dont know why your saying that it is way more balenced then LoL or dota2 on LoL you pick the strongest champion and you win on dota 2 its basically the same thing lmfao atleast it takes skill to play smite.

      • no it’s not about skill….it’s mostly positioning…but there are so many hacks +bugs+ lack of balance..some gods can win even without requiring the player to be skilled

        • Every game is about positioning, in Lol or Dota you can easily kill just by pressing buttons, in Smite it doesn’t even matter if a god is unbalance (All are balanced fyi) because if you can’t aim then you won’t win. Its all skill unlike most other MOBAs. You clearly don’t play at a pro level in Smite.

  9. Video needs updating, the game looks completely different now, even the main gamemode ‘conquest’s map has changed..

  10. The best MoBA I’ve ever played, and believe me, I’ve tried LoL, Dawngate, and many MoBas trying to find one better, but I just can’t.

  11. This game is great! But honestly I don’t think it will be beating Leauge of Legends anytime soon I play LoL a lot and I find it more fun than smite, I’m also really good! Go check my name PeradoxOwnz, the only thing i enjoy on the game is the carmera view and the way you can move by WASD

  12. Im diamond 5 in LoL PH season 4. I quit playing LoL because player still sucks even in diamond. And now Im looking forward to this game.

    • You do realize that diamond 5 is like the bronze 5 of the good players in League. There is just as much skill difference between Bronze-Diamond 5 as their is Diamond 5 – Challenger. So basically you quit because YOU suck.

  13. ” I thence Invoke thy aid to my advent’rous Song,
    That with no middle flight intends to soar
    Above th’ Aonian Mount, while it pursues
    Things unattempted yet in Prose or Rhyme.”

    Smite is the most amazing game i have ever played. Its third person camera makes it seem way more realistic than LoLs top down view.

    The art design for the game is also magnificent plus the variety of gods and play styles is endless.

    All-in-all smite is a must have moba

    FYI my favorite god is Chronos due to his high basic damage, speed, crowd control, and his amazing ult that saves his life

  14. I wouldn’t buy the god pack if I were you guys. If you look into it… It’s tempting, but it really isn’t that worth it unless you want to support the developers. Even so, buy a skin or two, maybe a voicepack, but the ultimate god pack isn’t so great. You’ll find out you don’t want to play every god or you want to learn just a handful. They now have a rental feature which is great for the f2p players! Check that out when you wanna figure out which god you wanna save up for. Now that I have every god I have ultimately no reason to spend the points I get, lol. Yes there are skins you can buy with the currency you EARN by playing, but the better ones cost actual “Gems” which are bought currency.

    • It’s a totally f2p game, btw. Though, if your gonna put money into, think about what you really want because anything you buy that you can’t get by playing is purely cosmetic.

      • At least you named yourself correctly… “Moron”. Hirez does not sell hacks, they work extremely hard to keep the game balanced (Some gods are better at certain tasks). And they managed to raise $2.6 Million from crowdsourcing content that doesn’t affect gameplay mechanics in the slightest.

    • I got the god pack and I saw it’s wonderful! Not saying that anyone should have to get it unless like unfabled said, you want to support hi rez, but when you get the god pack, you also get the new upcoming gods/goddesses for free, which to me is a plus, well that I like to try new characters 😛 I like to play many different kind of classes, not just two. That’s just my opinion. ^_^

  15. I have been playing this game for some months now and I am overly addicted. They update every so often, almost every other week with new gods. I like that you can rent gods you dont own for 1 game anytime you want. They currency is fairly cheap but so far I have spent 90$ + on this game even thought it is still in beta Lol.. I used to buy individual gods plus gifting gems to my boyfriend and I ended up buying us both the Ultimate god pack which is $30 right now. But even though we had individual gods they replaced them with favor points and we both have a total of 88k.

    “Favor” is the money you get after leveling and after battle.

    BTW this is my first moba..

  16. Smite is a very good game,Hi-rez is constantly adding newer gods.The third person perspective is far better than the typical “Over the action”Type of perspective.I played since closed beta and in closed beta it had very,very little bugs.Just try not be chained ultimated by Hades and Zeus or Poseidon and Ares the ammount of teamwork to pull the chain ultimates are a bit difficult but satisfying in the end


  17. Guys Guys… i play dota dota 2 lol hon and many others but nothing charms me like SMITE.
    You shoud try it.
    Im not saying its better from others its retartet. You know why?
    But i can agree that when it hits full game it will be popular as hell. even now it got many players.

  18. I’m a 36 year old hardcore gamer who’s focus is PC gaming. At a younger age I was a competitive FPS player, and now-a-days I’ve found much more joy in RTS and MOBA type games.

    I’ve tried all the more typical MOBAs, and I found DOTA 2 to be the most slick, satisfying experience…that is, until Smite came along and created a near perfect fusion of concepts and styles. Smite takes the slightly awkward and stilted gameplay of traditional MOBAs and puts you in third-person view with first-person control and aesthetics…an absolutely winning combo (for me, my tastes, and background).

    This game is silky smooth on all accounts. The graphics, detail in character, animation, effects, environment, gameplay, and design are impeccable. A real work of art on all accounts.

    I had trouble falling in love with LOL or even the beautifully rendered DOTA 2…but I fell head-over-heels, at first sight, with Smite. Exactly the fusion the doctor ordered.

  19. Ok, so I downloaded the game and I have to say its a lot of fun. However, I have been unable to complete all but one of my matches. The game screen turns black and says that Smite was unauthorized during launch or something like that. Can someone please tell me why and maybe give me some advice on what to do?

  20. This game looks pretty good. I love the way how they made it were everything is a skill shot basically referring to the aiming with ranged Gods like Artemis. there are also good things and flaws but im not getting into it at the moment to lazy to type long as I researched this game played with friends compare and contrast and I gotta say that when the full release comes out this game will absolutely take flight and will be one of the best MOBAs (Just my opinion)

  21. It’s really good. It’s not as core as Dota with its hard last hits, denying and losing gold on death, but it recompensates this “casualisation” with making aiming and positioning harder, since you have to move and attack manually, with WSAD and mouse. Outmaneuvering someone, dodging their attacks and getting a kill thanks to your skill and not just some stats feels very rewarding.
    Although community in every online game, especially in mobas, is usually unfriendly and aggressive, as a LoL and Dota2 player I’d say it’s still much better than the other’s mobas’ communities. Yes, you may meet some assholes whose whole dictionary consists of “noob” and “f you”, but you may also meet some very friendly people who will be helpful and cooperative.
    Speaking of cooperation, Smite definitely beats every other moba with its ping and command system. There is a lot of voiced phrases like “Middle is missing”, “Gank right”, “Be careful left”, “Ultimate is ready” etc. with quick and easy to remember shortcut access (VF2, VCC, VVVR). These commands are a GREAT communication tool. Just an example: today it allowed me to tell an allied Fenrir to go around the corner and gank after I’ll initate. Telling this guy the whole plan took me not more than 2 seconds, without using chat or knowing this guys language. All thanks to pings and commands.

    TL;DR: Smite is fun, it feels rewarding, and unlike all the copies of Dota/AoS it actually has some fresh ideas for a fast-paced, but NOT dumbed down gameplay.
    Highly recommended for people who are fed up with Dota/LoL.

    • last hits don’t get the same gold just by being near…it’s pathetic easy “game”…i use ” cuz it’s more a spyware than a game

      • I can’t tell if you’re joking
        There’s a tournament worth $2.6 million dollars right now, and last hits do matter. This is a very competitive game, with an EXTREMELY high skill ceiling (looking at you, Rama, Scylla and Ra ults), last hits do matter (but you get ~66% of the gold/xp for being near), it’s well balanced except for the flavor of the month top pick – it’s an amazing game, really. Just take a look at recent gameplay, and by that I mean the second half of 2014 or further, because this game keeps evolving so fastly it’s even hard to keep up. You sound like a salty new player that doesn’t understand the mechanics and got pubstumped by gods like Ares, Loki and Thanatos.

      • Actually last hits DO count as you get a higher gold/experience reward for getting last hits. Jeeze you seem like a genuine idiot.

  22. As a fan of both LoL and Smite, I can safely say Smite trumps LoL for several reasons.

    First is the change in perspective. It makes it difficult to see your ally’s mistakes because simply, you are too busy worrying about your own skin. This makes for a better playerbase because there’s less arguing about who made what mistake.

    The third person perspective makes it for much more exciting gameplay than LOL or other top-down MOBAs. Players can find a much more engaging experience though this new perspective. Do not expect to be sitting at base and watching your allies. If you want to see action you need to be in the action and that makes this unique MOBA stand above the rest.

    Ranged characters can either despise the fact that every attack is a skill shot, or love it. I for one love it! You cannot pelt enemy characters from behind a slew of minions(nor can they pelt you). My personal favorite God is Apollo, a ranged AD carry who can slide in and out of combat.

    Champs(Gods in Smite) are diverse, hailing many different mythologies throughout the world, from greek to chinese to norse to mayan. Seeing these diverse mythological beings thrown into a melting pot to duke it out can be extremely exciting. Also, you can look forward to seeing mythological gods you know and love revamped makes each new gods appearence exciting and fresh.

    My one negative about the game is the skins. Most are just the same exact toons with different color schemes(though they are starting to come out with newer better skins that are not just different paint jobs)

    My other lament is that as you play one specific god, you gain worshipers and through those you gain a god mastery lvl, but gaining these lvls don’t really offer much(though that too is changing where now you must attain a lvl mastery to gain skins).

    Like LOL there are different maps, but something LOL doesn’t have is the Arena(my personal favorite). Instead of attempting to siege turrets and such, it’s a battle royal of 5 vs 5, where deaths and minion kills lower the enemy’s score until one side reaches 0.

    All in all, if you like MOBAs this is a MUST. If you haven’t tried out SMITE, you are missing a very fun and engaging experience.

  23. you can get banned by simple reports. Their automated system for banning is worse than dota2. All you have to do is mass report and they “check it” by looking at stats only.

    Horrible, horrible community.

    • Never heard of that happening, ever. Unless you can pull up reports of it I suggest not bothering to try spread slander.

      Also people tend to ONLY be reported if they actually did something worth reporting. Unless its maybe one or two insignificant reports by a crybaby.

      Try harder.

      Oh and generally the worst part of the community are the hardcore LoL and DOTA players. People fresh to MOBAs who’ve grown from Smite tend to be awesome and i’ve had no problems with any of them, but the bitchers and whiners I always catch using hardcore LoL and/or DOTA terms.

      • Psh not all of us… I’m a hardcore LoL player and I never bitch at anyone unless I get tired of them bitching at me first <.<

        Hardcore as in I play the game alot and am good at it… Not hardcore as in I have a high rank…

        Love this game, Love Bastet <333

      • Too many of those, youtubers playing the game made the game grow, but a lot of the people that came from it are annoying LoL kids. I’ve been reported for having one more death than somebody else who said I was “feeding” when I died 4 times.

    • u only get reported if u do something wrong worth reporting like leaving troling ks … and a lot of reports dont work so u have to be wrealy bad if u want to be banned

      • This is not true by ANY means. I personally know a person who dumped tons of money into the game and got banned for making threats to other players. He was very skilled but his rage levels were high and he got permanently banned after being temporarily banned a few times. Do us a favor and write knowledgeable reviews rather than your uneducated opinion.

  24. I have been searching for good F2P games for a long time, this is the only satisfactory one. This is, by far the BEST free game you could ever play. With a cash-shop that doesn’t change the gameplay whatsoever, and some of the best gods are instantly available. The characters are wonderfully balanced, the combat is easy to understand, no goofy level up system, your friends can start playing with you without having to grind, they just have to practice their skills. I even play this free game more than games you have to pay to play.

    I have spent 30 dollars on this game and don’t regret it at all. I am happy to support such a deep and rich game.

  25. This game is trash. Poorly balanced and each new god breaks the game even more. Core concept is good (of course, it was STOLEN) but it needs more polish before it will be worth paying any money

    • first its free second it is awsome they changed a lot from last year ( not because they have to ) third every thing is original but if u want to play dota aand lol copies thats fine by me

      • it’s not balanced….take for example useless gods like nu wa and generally the old gods comparing to new ones..the more that will be released the less the balance…it’s already ruined

    • What do you mean “poorly balanced”? This is one of the most well balanced games out there. I’ve seen every single god absolutely own entire games. It’s all about the skill of the player.

      • you’re wrong…it’s totally imbalanced..some gods are useless like nu wa…and some are totally OP who can rape the whole enemy team like hmm…thanatos for example..

        • you are a noob?, Thanatos have a very good early but he doesn’t is op, and Nu wa is a very useful character, maybe you are useless with her.

        • ok, So im going to assume you know nothing about smite. IF your saying things like this then you don’t understand that Thana is a EARLY GAME GOD! He will do almost zero damage to you late. IF you can’t deal with a thana then you need to actually play your games out and not surrender at ten minutes when the thana is 4-0. You can kill him late easily.

          Next on the subject of Nu Wa. I’m gonna talk about both of them since I don’t know which one your talking about:

          Old Wa: She was the GOD of backdooring. She could wipe out all of the towers on the map in minutes if you let her.

          New Wa: Now she is a mid lane mage that will demolish your entire team if you let her. She has a ultimate that at level 20 can do almost half your health. Her ulti also shows the entire other team’s positions to you. Very good if you don’t have aggressive wards in the enemy jungle. Her combo 2-3-1 can do over half your health!! She has a ok early game a decent mid game and an AMAZING late game.

          I don’t know where you got your info from but please check again.

    • They’ve actually changed a lot in the game now! ^_^ It’s wayy better than what it was before and you should give it a one more go! AND yes, the game is for free, even it’s characters because of it’s system called favor (which I’m sure you know what it is?) which you get by playing the actual game. Just give it one more try. It won’t kill you, right? XD

      • Are you serious?! DotA is a custom map of wc3, made with the wc3 map editor (meaning you need to have bought wc3 to play), (meaning it’s not a rip-off since it’s still just wc3). Valve however merely bought the rights from blizzard (company that made wc3) and made DotA2 a stand alone game.

  26. Awesome game, where all your reflexes and strategic planning can come to action.
    A casual game lasts in average 30 mins (3 lane classic MOBA) and 15 mins (Battle arena)
    Easy to get started where both hardcore gamers and casual players can have fun – cooperation, planning and fast reflexes are the key terms here!

    Only downside I see in this game is that many players favor a particular character over others and will choose their preference instead of wanting to balance whole team performance…

    • I definitely favor Kali. I’m all for people playing as who they want to play as- it’d be wrong of anyone to deny someone of that (especially if they paid for the full roster of Gods).

      However, when people only want to play as the mega gods- and ONLY the mega gods for the sake of winning, and not the sport- is when “favoring” a god becomes a pain.

  27. What can I say about “Smite”?

    It’s utterly, utterly amazing. My only dip into an actual MOBA- the only other one I’ve played was “Awesomenauts” (not a “traditional” MOBA). But, I found myself right at home here. It’s basically “Unreal Tournament” meets “League of Legends”. If either (or both) appeals to you, I suggest you try this out! I wasn’t sure, but then I saw Kali, and I fell in love with it.

    It’s in Beta, so there are still problems. For instance, I feel Hades, Loki and Zeus are overpowered. God forbid you get in a match with the three of them and you don’t have the same three on your team- you’re screwed from the gate.

    And like with any online game, the community is full of self-entitled, egotistical man-childs. But, if you can ignore them (or come up with clever retorts), you’ll be okay.

    I may not be a MOBA player, but I can tell a lot of other people that play this aren’t either. Some people think this game is all about the Player Kills.


    Don’t get mad if you weren’t the one killing the most shit out there- this is about SKILL, not POWER. If you want to be a good “Smite” player, learn to balance out your deaths (avoid them completely if possible) and Kill Assists (people may steal your kills, but if THAT pisses you off, you’re not a team player- this is NOT the game for you).

    It’s almost like sex for the first time- pace yourself, take it slow, be aware of everything around you, and DO NOT prematurely shoot your wad- you’ll be okay.

    This is the FIRST game of 2013 I highly endorse/recommend.

  28. While it’s a good game, if you’re not 100% familiar with mobas, avoid downloading it. There are so many self-loving newbie-hating elitists in this game it’s disgusting. You had better be a godlike player or else the insults and hate will start flying. Lord help you if you make a mistake. Seriously, it’s a great game but the community is so horrid that you will grow tired of dealing with anyone when you can just play something else where you can ignore people and thus ignore the stress related to all the elite butthurt screaming.

    Smite isn’t the problem–it’s the community that it raised. The matchmaking is a large problem–it throws newbies in with vets all willy nilly..and then the vets rage when the newbie sucks and despite trying to learn, the vets will rage instead of trying to help. It’s just way too cold. And yes, I’ll admit it–I suck at MOBAs. But when no one attempts to help, they’re not fixing the problem. Hostility is not the answer, but it’s the one that community chooses.

    • I agree with you.

      However, to not journey out into the world and try to make a difference is JUST as bad as the people that are doing it.

      I’ve learned that if you don’t care- and I mean REALLY don’t care (you’re not just saying it, you’re showing it), it pisses people off more.

      That’s my goal with my presence in MMO’s- to combat the fu¢king choads that are in it. If you don’t stroke their ego for them, they get SOOOOO pissed.

      And furthermore, this whole world is full of men just circle jerking their ego. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been told to “1v1” someone in “Smite”. That’s not what “Smite” is about- and if you DO come across someone like this- DO NOT STROKE HIS EGO.

      Frankly, there’s so much ego stroking going that I’m starting to chaffe.

      Sorry you didn’t have a good go with “Smite”. I hope that you grow tough skin- if complete strangers online can completely turn you off to something cool- you’re not ready for the real world.

      EXCEPT “War Z”. Man- now THAT’S a community full of (and lead by) di¢ks+hacks+dickhackers.

      • Not everyone wants to put up with idiots in games though… some people just want to relax and enjoy their free time cause the real world is stressful enough.

    • Well, for anyone bothering to read this now I would like to include my experience with Smite. Perhaps the community before was full of such elitists, but now they are rarer and/or more used to playing with newbies. I do agree that the matchmaking is still a problem, especially when you get a team of feeding level 6’s vs. a team of level 30’s, but matches still (mostly) seem to be fair enough.

      The community in Smite is actually far better (in my experience) than LoL, a popular MOBA. While there are still toxic players in Smite, they are far better than those in LoL, and there are far less toxic players per game in Smite.

    • There are a lot of players like this in all other MOBAs as well. In LoL, when I first started out I went Trundle mid and everyone yelled at me but they never bothered to say trundle belongs in the jungle or top. Then after playing a year I got really good and started getting triple-penta kills. Then everyone said I ks even though in some cases it was just a 1v3.

      In Dawngate, there are roles for the players. Generally, there is a tactician meant to harass and a gladiator meant to farm. This Nissa gladiator started harassing with her auto attacks and got herself killed for being over extended and not having map awareness when the jungler came to gank. I pinged too -_- but still got blamed.

    • then they should keep the balance and match-make with level range…not a 21 lvl player with a 3 lvl player in this spyware..all newbies should learn together from the start.

  29. looks like the new top game….
    contains strategy- mouse control
    and even animations that can speak actions, unlike swing left and right-league of legends- based off luck, because its whoever gets most minion kills first…

  30. Best form of PVP ever! I play traditional MMOs, which lack skill based PVP greatly. That is when I shutdown my MMO and load up this MOBA and kick some ass of other players 😉

  31. A really great game!! So much fun !! Spend a lot of hours on it already..
    And IT IS FREE.. I think, it makes it way more skill based than i.e. LoL because every skill is skill shots !

  32. This is the best MOBA I’ve ever played. I can’t stand the slow and overly simplified combat of games like LoL, but I love Smite because it’s a MOBA that actually takes skill to play. Very fun game!

    • If this is like LOCO i`m will uninstall it after one game,i hate 3D mobas and i realy don t agree with them,if u really want to play an game 3D like moba style play Warframe its a bit same as 3D mobas with better gameplay and good story line.So in my opinion an 3D moba is not an moba game at all,this is for all who know what is a moba at all,for those who play an game by its graphics and 3D style,it`s your problem.Thank You

      • Multiplayer online battle arena… hmmm dosn’t seem to say anything like ‘can’t be 3d’ in here/// just seems to say its an online arena game for multible players… Just beause it is too hard for you does not mean it is not a MobA… because it is… get over yourself..

      • That comment is just retarded. The majority of MOBAs are in 3D, heck even DotA 1 was in 3D. Get your shit together son. Learn what third person is, learn what 3D means and stop claiming rights to decide what a genera is “suppose to be and not to be”

      • If only you could speak the king’s english. Maybe we could then understand what you were attempting to say, before spewing shit all over my face and floor.

        Also, do you even know what 3D means? I don’t think you do, seeing as LoL, DotA, HotS, Smite, and literally every other MOBA that ever existed.

        I think the word your looking for is 3rd person though. I can see how those “really complex” words could get confused… That rd person, probably looked like a D, so you just wrote 3D is all.

        Usually the people who hate MOBAs, are just the people who suck at them. 85% of the time that is.

        As for complaining about viruses; I’ve never had that problem before. I’d honestly bet y’all are running McCafe or Norton for your anti-virus. Unless you just download everything someone tells you to, clicks on every link someone gives you, goes into every chinese, fishy website you see; that shouldn’t be a problem. Whatsoever.

  33. Best MOBA i´´ve played because the W,A,S,D moving make it real action and real strategy even to the way and direction you move, besides all skills being skillshots which places more tactic to where positioning said skill to hit the most amount of players you can, perfect game, the unique online game i´ve spent real money so far, to unlock the 30 gods the game has so far by a promotional pack, try it and you will love it, going to play, see you in game.

  34. This game will by far beat league of legends and I’m hardcore league fan. I have 2600 wins look it up. Pentaking13. I have been playing smite for a while now. Its like league on steroids. Trust me as soon as the game gets full release and all the bugs worked out. This will be the top moba game.

    • You might be a hardcore League of Legends fan, but you are still bronze I. 2600 wins does not mean anything and does not give you credibility to say that one game will surpass the other.

      • I`m silver 3 on League of Legends with only 240 wins and 40 wins on Ranked,i`m doing well,i`m not the best or something like this,even with my 1 year experience of league of legends and being an season two player when LOL had his glory and good games with epic fun,now its rusty and don t shine anymore,its really sad to see an good game going down and sink soon enough.I`m waiting for Prime Wold OB,and i`l try tomorrow SMITE to see if it worth to be played as you all say.Thank You so much

      • Question then does that mean your MLG. thats the only way someone should be bragging 2500 wins just means you have alot of… time on your hands

        • 2600* … and he was stating it as evidence that he was a hardcore fan, not showing it to brag. Did you even really read his comment?

      • 2600 wins does mean something, and him being bronze (well now silver…) is irrelevant. He has obviously had enough experience with LoL to be able to compare it with Smite, and he can state his own opinion. Do you really need someone with “credibility” anyways? And are actual players’ opinions not “credible”? …

    • this game is so awsomefinaly a 3D moba and its wrealy original its not just a copy of lol or dota i cant stop playing it every other game seems boring compared with this one and it was a good idea putting gods insead of champions


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