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That’s right… We said the dreaded phrase “Server Merge.” On April 13, players on Shilen, Magmeld, and Bartz will find themselves with all new friends — or foes — to play with. The merge will take place during maintenance, after which players from these three servers will now be residents of a new server named Freya.

To help players out with the process, NCSoft has provided a rather lengthy guide on everything they should need to know. It covers how players can prepare for the merge and what happens after — including things like name changes and the impact on clans.

For those of you playing on any of these three servers, it’s highly suggested you read through the guide, located on the Linage II site.

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  1. You can not win you have NCsoft one side allowing botting and Innova on the EU making a mess of everything they do. Yeah for EU and west L2 is dead but not because it has a lack of players.

  2. InIf you buy nc coins and use botting programs in this game, Game devs will let you play. This is how far they went. It’s a miracle how this game still in one piece.

  3. three servers will now be residents of a new server named Freya. AKA in mmo lang it’s dam no one playes our game aka its already dead

    • What about all the free servers huh ? There is ton of them and people are still playing them.. In my opinion this game is still better and I can enjoy it more then newest games like ArcheAge,Blade&Souls..


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