NCSoft has announced the newest expansion for Lineage II, Infinite Odyssey, for a spring release in North America this spring, and they’ve even got an innovative contest to go with it.

Infinite Odyssey adds new hunting zones, a new raid boss, and new skills, and further expands upon the story of the new Ertheia race, as they and the other races of Aden continue their heroic questing. The expansion also helps to commemorate the 11th anniversary of Lineage II’s launch in North America this April.

As an added bonus, NCSoft is having a “Name That Skill” contest, which gives players a chance to provide the official name for five high-end skills being added in the expansion. Personally, I’d go with “Nacho Cheese Blast Wave” for an AoE energy attack that has a fire DoT effect, but that’s just me. You can make your suggestions via the contest’s official page.

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  1. The game is not that crapy , it have interesting concepts also , the problem last itme was that there are literally trains of bots everywhere .

  2. I would still be playing this game if I could find a Interlude or below chronicle USA private server. Its to bad the FBI shut them all down. And R.I.P Pvpx (DHX) server.

    • game were u don’t care about the graphic just there to have fun and enjoy is a true game now all gamere care of is how better the graphics they forget that game should be fun plus lot of ppl can’t afford new computer and graphics card so lot of ppl are playing the game

      • Sorry but your statement is crap. The game were great with all 30+ classes, then they ruined it with merged classes, removed free pk and so on… its garbage now. And fun??? OK castle siege if you are in big zerg clan but other then that…. no dungeons or whatever, just grinding when your mentor or mentees are online till you reach lvl 99 and then.. well grind same mobs to have adena to grind the same mobs faster with better items.


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