Lineage II’s new expansion, Helios, goes live today, continuing the Chronicle of Lineage prequel storyline and bringing with it five new factions and raid bosses, new quests, and a new zone, Dreadnaught Superion.

Dreadnaught Superion is a floating castle for characters of level 102 that contains those five new raid bosses, including the titular giant Helios and his ladyfriend, the giantess Ramona, along with new-and-improved versions of Harnak’s Wraith, Core and Mimir.

The five new factions are Blackbird Clan, Mother Tree Guardian, Giant Tracker Unit, Unworldly Visitors, and Kingdom Royal Guards. Players can complete quests for these factions for improved faction standing and rewards. The new skills fall into four classes: Sigel Knight, Feoh Wizard, Wynn Summoner, and my personal favorite, Eviscerator. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be an Eviscerator?

You can get full details on the expansion on the Lineage II site.

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  1. I wish they haven’t broken the early game with this one for all town and intro quests crap. I’ve used to love the starting areas for each race and they take it away. The only salivation are private servers.


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