Loadout, the third-person shooter with nearly infinite weapon possibilities has finally lowered its cross-hairs dead center on a date for official release. The guys and gals at Edge of Reality have decided to pull the trigger on January 31st, allowing everyone to join in on the creative carnage.

Loadout is best known as “that game with all the interchangeable gun parts”. Depending on what goes in, guns can be as simple as a dumb-fire rocket launcher with an oversized payload, or as complex as a long range tesla beam of electrifying death.

Loadout’s been available to play for over a year now in closed beta, having appeared on Steam’s Early Access page early last year.


  1. It’s a neat concept, but they were having balancing issues for the longest time so most of us older beta testers just quit due to lack of progress.

    That was a long, long time ago though. This game has been in beta for what must be at least a year.


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