Okay guys. We’re a bit late on this, but we thought we’d give you a heads-up anyway… just in case you missed it. Closers is currently running a special login event, during which players will be able to pick up a selection of in-game items for free.

Everyone who logs in before Thursday, May 10 at 11:59 Pacific will receive the following items:

  • A UNION Agent costume or a Vulture Corp. Operative costume
  • Double Talisman
  • Resurrection Capsule
  • 1-Day Elite Status Voucher

All players need to do to receive the items is to log in. Once they hit the “Play” button, a box containing the goodies will be sent to their EMP Store Delivery Box. This is a one time deal, so you only need to log in once during the duration of the event to get everything. But… considering you have about two days, you’ll probably want to go ahead and get that taken care of.

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  1. I think this info is incorrect, as I logged in on both May 9 and 10 and it didn’t give me anything. On the links and thumbnails for the event, it stated that it ran until May 7, which would make more sense for a weekend event.

  2. Gameforge?… Buddy, you just typed up a paragraph of bullshit my good sir. Heck, you don’t even know the publisher.

  3. game is dead, with around 500 players online a day just shows that what a lousy handler of games is gameforge, not listening to players and just simple translating the game out wont help them recover, even the freebies wont do, they where just happy that alot of people bought the founders packs and not knowing the consequences that will happen afterwards, games is not challenging and lacks depth in PVE, and PVP really is terrible with the hopes of hitting the other person while button smashing your skills, overall the game will die in about 4 more months, for those that love Closers im sorry that gameforge was the one handling it. Goodbye Closers.


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