Closers "Autumn Jumping Event" Gives Players Max-Level Characters To Try Out And Gain Rewards Starting This Week

A rare chance to roll a new character at max level

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Closers Autumn Jumping Event

Closers, the anime action MMO by Naddic Games, will kick off its "Autumn Jumping Event" on October 12 until November 23, giving players the chance to roll a max-level character and gain support rewards.

To start, players will open the Character Lobby, recruit members, and contract a new character with the "Jumping Character" tag on Wednesday. Those participating can open the [Ev] tab and gain an "Autumn Jumping Support Box" for any character in their roster, including the newly-made jumper. These items range from an +13 Lusty Infinite Trinket to a selectable unique 30-day full-set costume box.

Across a 5-day attendance period, fans can earn prizes, like a +13 Gear Booster or Unique Synchro Fiber Selectable Box depending on the day. Additionally, there's the purchasable "Union Pass" and "Tuning/Transcendence Package," granting extra resources and unlocking the Special Pass to obtain the Fallen Night Signature Costume Full Set.

For more information, you can check out the Closers Online website to learn more!

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