Rise of Incarnates, BANDAI NAMCO’s free to play 2v2 fighting game available on Steam, released Loki today into their playable characters line up. If you want to check out what the jokester has in store, you’ll be able to play as this character free for a week.

Loki uses an eating mechanic to power up his move set but overeating can open Loki up to counterattacks. During a match Loki can sacrifice some time and positioning by eating pizza or drinking from a giant barrel to increase his secondary meter. Being “full” means Loki’s abilities hit for more damage, but pigging out too much will make Loki stun himself.

This isn’t the Loki you may be familiar with though. Rise of Incarnates uses a grudge that another incarnate, Akhor, has had against Loki for a long time as the back story for this rotund fighter. Forced into hiding, Loki soon had a new mission to join forces with Asha Mehta in her effort to create a world ruled by incarnates and his own personal quest for vengeance against Akohr.

Get the full back story from the Rise of Incarnates website.

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