Lost Ark Clarifies RMT Policies And Upcoming Update

Both gifting and powerpasses are still disabled.

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Lost Ark RMT

Some folks might be awaiting a fix to the disabled Powerpasses and gifting, however, players will have to wait a bit longer it seems. As of now, the Lost Ark team is trying to clarify some community questions regarding the RMT penalties and potential incorrect suspensions. In a post, the Community Manager Roxx said:

“First, we have seen concern surrounding the possibility of catching an RMT suspension through in-game systems if the individual you are interacting with has previously purchased RMT gold. We want to reassure players that they can safely use in-game systems such as the Auction House or Marketplace as intended. However, we encourage users to take an active role in keeping their accounts safe. If you haven’t, you can set up Two-Factor Authentication through Steam, and make sure to never accept mailed gold from users that you don’t know or trust.”

Roxx went on to say, in regards to the RMT penalties, the length of said penalties is based on the severity of the RMT that took place, while some may appear to have a permanent ban in the game’s UI, players can reach out to the Customer Support team to appeal the ban. As multiple unban requests could slow down response times, it is advised to only send one and patiently wait for a response. While responses may seem generic, it can be assured that all accounts are reviewed by a real, human agent.

Players that would like to read up on Lost Ark’s August and September roadmap can do so here.

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