Lost Ark October Update Announced, Featuring New Continent And Unique Raid

Travel to the continent of Pleccia and take on the Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid.

Matthew D'Onofrio
By Matthew D'Onofrio, News Editor Posted:

Lost Ark October Update

The October Update for Lost Ark has officially been announced, and it’s happening real soon.

On October 11, a literal week from now, players with an Item Level of 1475 or higher will be able to explore a new continent called Pleccia. To embark on the Pleccia questline, they must complete the "Call of Destiny'' quest. This region is described as a romantic and artistic continent with unique locations like a port and a prairie. There’s also interactions with NPCs such as the Vediches and Yoz illusionists. The storyline in Pleccia revolves around solving mysteries related to the Vediche family and the priests of Sacria, as well as an old friend.

Additionally, the MMO's update introduces the Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid, which is similar to the Inferno difficulty of Legion Raids. To enter this raid, players need to set up their build through the 'Book of Coordination,' complete Raid Level 1: Defeat Vertus, and reach an Item Level of 1250. There’s also leaderboards showcasing the first clear in the region and the fastest clear time. The new raid's release will come a little later, dropping everywhere on October 14 at 7 PM (UTC).

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