Smilegate may not yet have made any official announcement regarding a Lost Ark launch in the West, but some interesting developments in its Korean version are seemingly paving the way for such a move. The Lost Ark Database has lots of details on the upcoming Season 2 update for the game, and it includes one point that could foreshadow the ARPG’s eventual arrival on North American and European shores.

Lost Ark Database lists 22 features of the update, which include a new continent, new classes, a new dungeon, and even the ability to have your own personal island. Why limit yourself to a house like in other MMOs when Lost Ark lets you have an entire island? And just in case you thought the trend might slow down in 2020, think again: There will also be a “Battle Royale Island,” where “the goal is to survive the threat of dinosaurs and become the last person.” Dinosaurs? Is this Lost Ark or just Ark?

It’s Feature #7 that’s got us excited: “Genderlock Removal.” Genderlocking is a standard part of many Korean MMOs, so the fact that Smilegate is looking to do away with it in Lost Ark could be a major sign that it’s preparing for a Western release. Of course, we’ve been saying that for a while, but maybe this will be the last thing Smilegate needs to consider the game ready for a Pacific Ocean-spanning voyage? Probably not, but we — and by “we” I mostly mean Zach Sharpes — can dream.

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  1. I never got gender locking at all. Always loathed it and see no point in the game devs wanting and doing it.
    Gender locking makes a game feel very restricted from the very start and most cases players lose passion for it as they are playing what they do not want to be playing, a gender locked character. so they uninstall or suffer the burden.

  2. lol, people already gave up on this game, don’t you people think? I know this blog is to support “Video games” but I’m sorry, you guys lack criticism, this company is wasting our time and money, just stop supporting them, our time is valuable. by the time they make a full release Path of exile 2 will be on open beta.

    • News is news, if you want our criticism check out the F2P Cast or pieces labeled as editorials. My own viewpoint, I think you’re right and have said so before. No matter how good the game MAY be (Zach Sharpes loves it) it’s taking too long in my mind to jump into the Western waters and will suffer because of it. 🙂

      • Same as Blade and Souls did. Everyone got tired of it playing in KR server, then CN server, then private server…and eventually when it came out…around 50% of players earlier interested in it already got enough and never came back (including me..not to mention that martial arts mmo eventually turned in to some martialfantasysteampunk mix in the end) 😀


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