If you’re waiting on Lost Ark to someday make its way to you, well… you’re probably going to be waiting a good while, but there’s something new to dream about. Smilegate has revealed yet another class, the Assassin.

The assassin — which apparently comes from the island of Peyton, if I understood Google Translate correctly — has two “fates”: Blade and Demonics. Think of fates as jobs or subclasses. According to the description, one controls the power of the devil, while the other accepts it.

The Blade rejects temptation through vigorous training and uses a main weapon known as “three swords”. Effectively this gives them a choice of dual-wielding two smaller weapons or breaking out a strong sword when needed.

Demonics apparently go all-in for the use of demon energy, and even turn into true demons when madness overtakes them. Both fates have demon abilities. One just seems to use them more often than the other.

If you’d like to know more about the Assassin class, you can try your luck with the Lost Ark site and Google Translate. There’s also a bit of help over on Reddit.

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