If you’re looking for a new home in The Lord of the Rings Online — like, say, if some pesky hobbits caused sentient trees nearby to rise up and flood your previous domicile — then you can now establish a new address in Rohan (but maybe not if you’re Saruman). Set in two types of neighborhoods, Kingstead Meadows and Eastfold Hills, Rohan housing ranges from grassy plains to rolling wooded foothills. As appropriate for housing in that area, Rohan houses have hitching posts that allow you to display your mounts. There’s no word if they come with a stable boy to help clean up after them.

Today’s update also adds Helm’s Deep to the legendary worlds of Anor and Ithil, along with a raised level cap of 95. Each of the five battles now come in a solo-friendly option, a.k.a. “Storied Tales,” so you can experience them more easily. You can check out the complete patch notes for this update, which include tweaks to every class, as well as crafting, PvMP and more, on the LotRO site.

In other LotRO news, the annual Weatherstock festival was originally scheduled for July 18, but that was just as the game’s server issues were starting to rear their ugly heads. The festival’s been rescheduled for Sept. 12, the organizers revealed on Twitter, making it yet another event that’s needed to be postponed in 2020. Can we skip the rest of this year yet?


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