The Lord of the Rings Online‘s latest patch has added has three new instances in Minas Morgul to test hardy adventurers. Bar Nirnaeth, The Houses of Lamentation; Ghashan-Kutot, The Halls of Black Lore; and The Fallen Kings are the three new instances, with the third actually taking place during the Second Age and pitting a six-person party against the Nine Nazgul. You’ll need to have purchased the Minas Morgul expansion to access the three instances, which you can do here.

Update 25.3 also makes certain crafting recipes unbound, and there are a few other changes to vendors and the items they offer. The quest “A Weapon of Old” has also been fixed, and that’s notable because it’s been in the game for nearly a decade, which just goes to show how seemingly innocuous changes to an MMORPG can break old stuff. Finally, the patch notes also contain the pair of lines, “Several French and German translations have been updated” and “There are some item translation issues in French and German,” which is either bien or schlecht, depending on how you look at it.


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