Afraid you missed out on those sweet mounts for The Lord of the Rings Online or Dungeons & Dragons Online subscribers? Don’t worry, you’ve still got a chance to get that special horse — or lioness — you’ve always wanted!

The promotion originally stated that you had to be a VIP (subscriber) and log in before March 13 to get the free mounts for DDO or LotRO. Unfortunately, some people had issues subscribing to DDO, and so the promotion has been extended to March 19. Even though LotRO didn’t experience that problem, VIPs in that game will also have an extra week to claim their gift horse.


    • Basically people who want to play a game about the Lord of the Rings and are willing to pay, because:

      1. They are adults with jobs and have money
      2. They want a game where they can play with other people that appreciate the same things they do
      3. There are no F2P poor trolling kids, because they quit before they even start because they realize it’s not F2P


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