It’s been a rough few months for The Lord of the Rings Online. The game suffered major server instability issues in July, released a paid update that was not well-received, and now the team is looking for a new senior producer, which may be bad news for someone at Standing Stone Games. Given that it’s 2020, it’s probably safe to assume so.

Robert “Severlin” Ciccolini currently serves as the executive producer for both LotRO and Dungeons & Dragons Online, so it’s possible that this position would make it so that he oversees one of the games while the new hire takes over the other. Or perhaps Ciccolini would still be in charge of both games, with the new hire reporting to him.

The job listing on the Daybreak Game Company site lists the expected requirements: managing update production and schedules, initiate new systems and features, and craft the overall vision of the game. It requires at least three years as a producer in the games industry, including games with live updates. The prospective hire will be allowed to work remotely for now, with the need to join the team in our Needham, Mass. once things return to normal — if that ever happens, of course.


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