The Lord of the Rings Online has a new expansion coming out soon — and this time, we really mean “soon.” October will bring players War of the Three Peaks, which was announced during a live stream and detailed on the LotRO forums over the weekend.

The new area is “about the size of Where Dragons Dwell, Grey Mountains-sized,” according to Community Manager Cordovan. There will be about 80 missions, each the equivalent of about two to three quests, with the biggest content highlights being a new six-player instance and 12-player raid, with new raid gear to match.

Did we say the biggest content was the raid? We lied. It’s really the boar mounts, which will probably mark the first time LotRO players have ever been nice to boars instead of killing them for some quest.

The expansion will come in three flavors: $20 for the base version, $59 for a Collector’s Edition, and $99 for the Ultimate Edition. There’s no pre-sale, so it will just be up for sale when it comes out next month. Finally, it’s worth noting that this doesn’t replace the Gundabad-themed expansion, which was announced in coming out in 2021.


  1. Yeah, LotRo doesn’t need new graphics, but a new api, the current mod support is just inexistent. The game is so masive and has so many possibilities for mods but the game originally wasn’t create to do that, so a revision would be very appreciated.

  2. Love this game its a good classic, it does need a new engine update and enhancing, other than that the game still stays in the hard drive as very playable.


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