It’s been a busy week for Standing Stone Games. The Lord of the Rings Online got its new update on Monday, minus the raid that was supposed to be its centerpiece. That was delayed for a couple days but is live now, and yesterday brought the return of the Yule Festival.

There might be a page talking about the new festival somewhere on the LotRO site, but since the front page is still touting the Fall Festival — which ended Nov. 1 — we’re not sure where to find it. Still, there’s evidence via Twitter that the festival is live, and it has what appears to be a new elk mount for players to earn and ride.

As for the new raid, Abyss of Mordath, and the rest of update 21.3, you can read about that on the forums — again, the only place on the site that appears to mention the big content update at all. “Keep it secret! Keep it safe!” is a good mantra when you’re trying to hide the One Ring, but it doesn’t make for great marketing policy. Maybe Gandalf really is in charge of things.


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