LOTRO Throne of the Dread Terror

Get ready to face some truly dreadful terror in The Lord of the Rings Online’s new raid, Throne of the Dread Terror, which was profiled last month and goes live today. It marks the first new 12-man raid in LotRO for three years, and it’s tuned for level 105 characters with two different raid difficulties and a challenge mode for the truly dedicated.

The raid comes alongside some other important changes, such as an increase in tiers for legendary items and bug fixes and balance passes for various classes and instances. On the cosmetic side of things, there are also more housing hooks for all sizes of houses, and VIPs have 20 more slots for their wardrobes. Yay, inventory space!

You can read the full list of changes for Update 18.2 and the new raid on the LotRO forums.


  1. I love the housing revamp & those extra landscape frills! Everything looks a lot better now …& there is never too much wardrobe space.


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