Brave the chill of a snow fall or the anger of a phantom beast with Draconian Awakening, the latest update to the MMORPG Luna Plus. A new dungeon, new zones, new weapons, new armor, and newly implemented systems await players today!

In the depths of the Draconian Temple Dungeon, located in the Ruins of Ancient Elpus, Drapia’s restless spirit stirs with malcontent as he rises from his grave to reap revenge. He isn’t the only enrage beast to appear in Luna however, as field monsters everywhere now have the chance to reincarnate as golden fiends, dropping valuable items when defeated. It is up to the most skilled players to tame these monsters before disaster strikes.

Plus! The skies will be filled with buffs with the newly implemented weather feature. Fluffy snow, beautiful flowers, petals, and an abundance of leaves will now rain down from the heavens upon each adventurer, awarding them with increases in experience, item drop rates, and money drop rates.

The rewards don’t stop there though with the arrival of brand new systems and items! Guild Tournament will be running more often than ever before, awarding warriors with new and highly coveted armor and weapons. They’ll also have their chance at winning big with the new Slot Machine Feature, giving lucky players precious housing points every 10 minutes.

To celebrate, Luna is running even more events and prizes during the holidays! Players can defeat tree monsters to grow their very own trees, the perfect decoration for anyone’s home this season. Regular monsters will additionally be dropping mysterious gifts, possibly containing items like the Santa costume, or parts to the more popular reindeer costume, snowman costume, and even the sleigh mount!

Luna is always adding new mounts, pets, costumes, and amusement rides, so feel free to find out more on the official website at


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