It may be a bit late — the Lunar New Year was last week — but Trove has introduced a cool new dragon for it anyway. The opportunity to grab the Lunar New Year Dragon — otherwise known as Selene, the Celestial Storm — is available to all players who log in before March 7th.

Upon logging in, all players will find a Dormant Egg available as a free purchase on the game store. With it, and a few other items; Flux, Dragon Coins and Primoridal Flame, you can unlock the Lunar Dragon for yourself.

In addition to announcing the dragon, Trion also revealed that there are now several ways to get your hands on Dragon Coins in the free-to-play MMO. The are:

  • In the Goods tab of the Trove Store you can buy 5 Dragon Coins at a time for 750 Cubits
  • Challenges now drop Lesser Dragon Caches that commonly contain Flux, uncommonly contain a few Dragon Coins, and rarely drop tradable Dragon Coins!
  • Your first completed Challenge of the day will grant 5 Dragon Coins
  • A bonus Dragon Coin is granted for finishing the final tier of a Challenge
  • Owners of the legendary Dragon Coin Tome will now receive 25 Dragon Coins each week when it’s triggered
  • If you have previous dragon caches stored away, have no fear! These have been upgraded to grant 3 Dragon Coins (up from 1) at Common and 20 Dragon Coins (up from 5) at Rare!

Now, for those who may not want to gather all those items to get Selene, and have $100 to throw around, you can opt to just purchase the Lunar Special Credit Pack, which comes with a Golden Lunar New Year Egg that will unlock Selene automatically. It’s totally up to you.

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