Mabinogi’s reaching the climax of its Seven Nightmares storyline, the latest chapter of which will launch one week from today, on Thursday, Dec. 17. That’s the G25 update, Hypernova: Eclipse, and it will introduce new NPCs and challenge players to deal with mysterious rifts that are popping up all over Erinn.

The first new NPC is Pontiff Etain, who — judging by the teaser video below — will be instrumental in the efforts to stop those rifts. She has great power, granted to her by the god of love, and stands ready to take on the night. Also introduced is Enya, described as a “believer of Lymilark” and a member of Etain’s court.

This update also brings a Hyper Bingo event that can net players even more prizes. Also, this is only part one of the G25 update; the second part, Hypernova: Glyphwright, arrives in January and will bring about the seventh night of the Seven Nightmares.

Until the update launches next week, players are encouraged to take part in the precursor event with Caravan Joe, as well as taking advantage of the cornucopia of bonuses that comprise Mabinogi’s Winter Master Plan through Feb. 11. It’s a huge list, so we’re not even going to attempt to summarize it, instead just pointing you at the volume of information on the website.

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