Magic Duels

With a minimum of fanfare, to the point that it seemed almost accidental, Wizards of the Coast’s free-to-play Magic: The Gathering game, Magic Duels (which no longer carries “Origins” in its title) is now live and available for download for your iPad and iPhone from the App Store.

We’ve known about a July launch for the title — which will also be coming to PC via Steam and the Xbox One later this month and PlayStation 4 later in 2015 — for a while now, but haven’t had any firm dates for the launch. Magic Duels appears to borrow several concepts regarding its payment model from Hearthstone, with a few even more user-friendly bits, like the ability to receive gold even for losing games, mixed in.

If you’ve got an iDevice, check it out and let us know your initial impressions!

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  1. I don’t think Magic is playable on a phone. Spell stacks, instants, enchantments, combat phases, tapping, triggers, etc. There’s too much going on in the game, and you’re doing it with 1 finger? I’d expect individual turns on complex board states to take upwards of 5 minutes.

    DotP couldn’t even create a manageable interface on PC. Target an enchantment on a flying unit? Well, I hope you have pixel perfect accuracy and timing. Not going to touch this on a phone.


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