Magic: The Gathering Arena Coming To Mobile In January, Along With New Viking-themed Expansion


Magic: The Gathering Arena will launch in early access on Android devices later this month, Wizards of the Coast announced yesterday. The launch will be on select devices, starting January 28, with more devices and iOS support coming later in the year.

The mobile version of Arena will include cross-platform support and all cards and sets available on the desktop version of the game. That includes Kaldheim, a Viking-themed expansion announced yesterday. Find out if your phone will be part of the test on the MTG Arena site.

Speaking of Kaldheim, it was also revealed yesterday, and it comes with a slick graphic style and two new keywords. Its showcase frames for legendary cards have a distinctly runic Vikings look to them, and there are also borderless rares and pathways.

In keeping with the tradition of Viking seers, one of the new mechanics is called Foretell. It lets you pay a cost to exile a card in your hand and pay another cost to play it in the future. In effect, Foretell allows you to split the cost of a card up over multiple turns.

Boast is the other new keyword, again fitting in with the Viking theme. This keyword lets you make a player search their deck for a card and place it on top of their deck.

In addition to these new mechanics, Kaldheim also brings back modal double-faced cards from Zendikar Rising as well as returning snow-covered lands, sagas, and changelings to the mix. You can learn more about the Kaldheim set on the Magic: The Gathering site.


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