In game development, what might seem like the smallest thing is pretty important. This particularly includes the little visual things — like how far a card is tilted when tapped in Magic: The Gathering Arena. In fact, this little bit of detail is so important, the developer felt the need to explain their choices in the latest developer stream — dedicating an hour long video to the topic along with the subject of card design.

Of course, we know by now that the goal for the Arena devs is to make the game mirror the real world once as closely as possible while doing things that make sense for a digital format. So when it comes to the topic of card tapping, they were attempting to do just that.

As far as card design goes. The developers take a look at some of the options they came up with and explain why some were chosen over others. If you’re curious about this as a player — or just interested in why developers do the things they do — it’s worth a watch. Just hit play on the video below.

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